Nov 12, 2012

A Fun Survey and An Extra-Fun Giveaway!

It's Monday.

For me, Mondays and Wednesdays are the busiest days of the week in terms of classes and responsibilities, since I have three class meetings, work, and club meetings on those days. So instead of trying too hard, I'm keeping this light and easy with a survey from Amazing Assett!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I'm 100% for chocolate - especially if it's dark and loaded with nuts and caramel, but I like all sorts of chocolate!

Innie or Outtie?

I have an outtie, but I've always liked innies better and secretly wanted (want?) one!

Save or Spend?

I used to be a huge saver - as in I wouldn't spend money - but my love for fashion and travel have changed that. Besides, money is meant to be enjoyed!

Elliptical or Treadmill?

Pass. But the elliptical is pretty fun, in my opinion, I'm just never on it anymore. Or in the gym, period.

Banana or Apple?

Apples! I love, love, love, love, love apples!

Morning or Night?

I used to be 100% morning and I still prefer mornings - I just love the freshness and all the new possibilities of a new day. But nights can be fun, too!

Love or Money?

Why can't we have it all? The romantic novel heroines always do, without even trying! :P

Lipbalm or Lipstick?

Lipbalm! But lip gloss is really fun, too! I just don't like how lipstick comes off on the inside-ish part of your lips first, because that looks weird.

Butt or Boobs?

I have a butt and I like it, so that's nice, but I'm completely flat-chested and wish I had boobs! Le sigh.

Acoustic or Electric?

As in, do I play either? No.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea, tea, tea!

Straight or Curly?

My hair is naturally curly, but I like wearing it straight sometimes, too. 

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

I used to be a grazer, but that's changed (who knows why) over the past year. Now I'm finding that it works better with my schedule, and my hunger patterns, to go with more of a three or four square situation. 

Right Handed or Left Handed?

Like the majority, I'm right handed.

Beach or Mountains?

I love the mountains for the hiking and serenity, but the beach just has that special something. So beach!

Mac or PC?

MAC! I can't believe there was a time when I thought I'd never prefer Macs. They're just awesome!

Shy or Outgoing?

Shy, but I'm definitely getting better at being outgoing. Fake it until you make it!

And, even more fun than a survey, here's a yummy snack and an even awesome-r (yes, it's a word) giveaway! 

I love Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips - they're 100% organic and 100% delicious! It's just apples and cinnamon:

But they're so crunchy and sweet that it's hard to stop! 

And now Bare Fruit is going to send one lucky LLE reader a big bag of cinnamon apple chips - yay!!

What are your busiest days of the week?

Have you tried Bare Fruit Snacks?

Answer one of the questions from the survey!

Don't forget to enter my Tookies Smores Cookie-in-a-Jar Gift giveaway and my international chocolate Advent Calendar giveaway


  1. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  2. That chocolate looks really good. Holy nom! I used to be the same way in regards to spending versus saving. Now I spend way too much money so I def need to find a healthy balance.

  3. Apple or banana? Thats hard.. can I choose both? :)

  4. Mac's are the best computers hands down ;)
    Chocolate without a doubt! haha

  5. twitted this today, 12/11

  6. i've seen these all over the place and just never have picked them up. i would love to try them!! im pretty obsessed with apples!!

  7. My busiest day of the week is always Sunday - groceries, laundry, family, school prep, housecleaning ugh lol

    Never tried Bare Fruit Snacks btw - they sure look tasty! I always love new snacks I've never tried before.

    I'm with you on the elliptical question - and with you on the gym as well :P X

  8. like the bare fruit snacks, twitted this today, 16/11

  9. My busiest days are Weds. I have alot going on that day. By the way- Chocolate all the way!
    emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com

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    1. Of course I'll follow back, thanks for the follow!

  11. I've tried them and love these snacks!

    arifamily at

  12. Busiest day of the week is usually on Friday.

  13. I haven't tried these snacks yet, but would love to.

  14. To answer one of the survey questions, I would choose chocolate over vanilla.

  15. chocolate, twitted this today, 21/11

  16. Monday is always busiest! I've tried the Bare Fruit cherries... SO good. And I'm definitely a morning person! lol

  17. I have tried bare fruits they are really good!
    ufg8trj at yahoo

  18. survey question, I would pick the beach over the mountains! I love warm weather.

  19. busiest day of the week is usually monday. but they all seem a bit crazy!!

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  21. twitted this today, 25/11

  22. Never tried the fruit snacks but they sound wonderful!

  23. I've never tried this brand; but apple chips were a favorite as a kid. Would LOVE to try these!

  24. I have never tried these apples but they look great!
    spcale at yahoo dot com


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