Nov 4, 2012

Betty Lou Who Is Healthy, Too!

I'm in a bit of Seussian mood today.

After all, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version, I don't care if the cartoon purists scoff) is my favorite Christmas movie EVER and it's officially less than 1 month to December 1. That means it's less than a month (only 27 days if you, like me, are counting!) until I can go hog-wild Christmas crazy!

Let's be real - it's not like I haven't already started. That Tookies Smores Cookie-in-a-Jar Gift giveaway, anyone?

It's not like I wasn't driving my sweet, tolerant flatmate up the wall way back in the first week of October with endless Christmas carols cranked up loud on Pandora.

But the arrival of December 1 legitimizes my Christmas cuckoo-ness and then I can be 100% Christmas crazy with no guilt!

Anyway, I'm thinking of How the Grinch Stole Christmas because I'm thinking of Betty Lou Who because I've gotten to try some wonderful healthy snacks from Betty Lou's Inc!

Okay, so it's not the same Betty Lou who competes with Martha May in house decoration.

But this Betty Lou is pretty awesome, too, because she makes all sorts of delicious, healthy snacks! And if you mention Living, Learning, Eating, you get 15% off your Betty Lou's purchase!

As always, all of these opinions are 100% my own and I'm not being paid to write this review, nor am I profiting if you end up buying any of her snacks (the discount isn't some sort of affiliation thing, it's just a nice way for you to save money)!

Let's start with the nut butter balls.

Obviously, these were bound to be awesome. They're nut butter balls! They're chewy, the right amount of sweet, and crunchy, too!

My favorites are the high protein almond butter balls and the spirulina ginseng nut butter balls. The spirulina ginseng balls have that special spicy kick from the ginseng.

The almond butter balls are like eating almond butter rolled in rice krispy treat bits (which are actually whey crisps)!

If you like coconut at all, you have to try the sweet, smooth, chewy coconut macademia nut butter balls.

And Betty Lou's fruit bars put Nutrigrain bars to shame.

Not only are they whole-grain and gluten-free, but they're also free of refined sugars and packed full of fruity goodness.

Apple flavor
They're the perfect amount of sweet, the crust is buttery and soft (like pie crust), and there's very generous fruit filling inside.

Apple flavor
My favorite is the blueberry, because it tastes like eating blueberry pie! But the apple one (especially eaten with vanilla ice cream, after microwaving for 30 seconds) is a really close contender!

The Angell bars are organic candy bars with pretty short ingredients lists.

The white chocolate is really interesting, as it has a coconut center that I know a lot of you coconut fans would enjoy! My favorite is the dark chocolate one, because I love dark chocolate and dark chocolate with an almond center? You can't beat that. The milk chocolate bar is also really smooth and creamy, with delightful brown rice crisps!

I think Betty Lou's powdered peanut butter tastes 10x better than PB2!

Sweetened just with coconut sugar and stevia, it makes a healthy dip or spread when reconstituted with liquid.

Mixed on an Chobani Lid.
And I like it better than PB2 because it has some extra something - the taste reminds me of Earth Balance coconut blends peanut butter! Maybe from the coconut sugar? I'm not sure, but it's amazing.

It also makes for a great shake mix-in! Speaking of shakes...

Betty Lou's whey protein shake mix is awesome because it's lactose-free, gluten-free, and free of sugar, sucralose, and aspartame. It mixes well with just some cold water or juice, but my favorite way to use it is to blend it together with Betty Lou's powdered peanut butter, a frozen banana, and almond milk for a delicious and satisfying breakfast shake! It's especially great topped with some granola :)

Last (of the products that I reviewed - Betty Lou's makes way more stuff, if you want to head over to their website to check it out) are the Just Great Stuff Bars.

They really are made of Just Great Stuff and they're absolutely delicious and not too sweet! My favorite is the Chocolate Dream Greens Bar.

What's great about this is that while chocolate is definitely a prominent flavor (the bar is enrobed in 70% dark chocolate, yum!) the greens and banana aren't overwhelmed.

Many bars with fruit/veggies in there with the chocolate try to 'hide' the greens. This bar doesn't do that at all - it embraces the veggies, so there's definitely a bit of a 'green' taste to the bar. Banana is also a very prominent flavor, about as strong as the chocolate, so it's like a green choco-banana bar.

The first bite is a surprise, as I haven't had anything like this before, but it's delicious!

The Superberry Acai bar was great, too, I really liked how there were plenty of whole Goji berries in there (not just Goji flavoring)! It was sticky and sweet and delicious!

And those big white bits are soft, buttery nuts. Against the sticky fruitiness, it's a real treat!

There wasn't one Betty Lou's snack that I didn't enjoy and wouldn't buy again -  100% is a pretty good success rate in my book, so I look forward to trying more of their snacks in the future! I recommend that you try them, too, and don't forget to mention Living, Learning, Eating so that you can get your 15% off.

That extra money you save can always go towards getting some snazzy new Christmas decorations. 

What's your favorite Betty Lou's snack?

Has the holiday bug bitten you yet?

Which is your favorite: white, milk, or dark chocolate?


  1. My favorite is dark chocolate! I am currently eating chocolate up the wazoo :)
    I have to admit, I have been listening to the Christmas station on pandora latelt hehe. Sorry im not sorry!

  2. I love Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff bars and Cashew Pecan balls! The F&V bar is good if I feel like I need more veggies in my diet that day. The cacao acai bar gives a nice satisfying chocolate richness without the sweet overload of sugar. And the superberry acai is packed with berry flavor, it wakes up your tastes buds and gives you energy for the morning. For a nutty, less sweet, energy bar, I go for the cashew pecan balls. I love Betty Lou's snacks!


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