Nov 8, 2012

Eden Dried Fruits: A Review

I love, love, love dried fruits! 

I eat them every day, several times a day. On everything from ice cream to granola to yogurt messes to sandwiches, they're just perfect! 

But since they're already full of their own healthy fruit sugars (and that's great - it's why they're so delicious!) I'm not too wild about having several servings of added sugar-coated dried fruits every day - especially since I do get plenty of sugar from other sources, like my daily ice cream, chocolate, cookies, granola, etc. Yet most dried fruit companies seem to feel the need to add lots of added sugars to their dried fruits.

Eden Organic is a happy exception to the rule!

I tried three of their dried fruits - dried cherries, dried blueberries, and dried cranberries (you know I love my Craisins) and was happy to see that all of them were just sweetened with fruit juice concentrate.

Each packet contains about three servings, so they're not big but they're a good size to have as a take-along snack or topper when you're going on a trip.

As you can see from the following packet of cherries, they're not the hard, funny-looking dried fruits that some less-mainstream companies make. Eden Organic dried fruits are plump, chewy, sweet, and bursting with yummy flavor!

All natural and all from the fruit :)

Do you eat a lot of dried fruits?

What is your favorite dried fruit?

What is your favorite way to eat dried fruit?

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  1. These sound good.

    I love dried fruit. My favourite is probably sultanas.

  2. I love dried fruit too! I especially like dried peaches and pears (:

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