Nov 15, 2012

Feeding Imagination with gRAWnola!

gRAWnola has a pretty lofty tagline - so good it feeds your imagination.

Hmm, that's quite something to live up to. I reacted the same way that I did to So Delicious when I first heard of it:

So Delicious ended up living up to its promise, but what about gRAWnola? How good is it really?

While gRAWnola makes a variety of products, including gRAWnola nuggets and Ultimate Green Juice, I tried a few of their gRAWnola bars, sprouted almonds, and their Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs.

Though my attention naturally gravitated towards the gRAWnola bars (I love bars and I love granola!) I tried gluten-free bread crumbs first.

Raw gluten-free bread crumbs? What could that be?

Turns out that it's a mix of four seeds, all ground up! I didn't try them in the recipe suggested on the back (I'm vegetarian, so breaded chicken didn't exactly appeal to me) but I tried them on yogurt with dried fruits and can definitely recommend that!

With granola, strawberry powder, cacao nibs, freeze dried kiwi, and other goodies!
The combination of flavors from those four seeds is really good and it does actually taste a bit like fried bread, though there's definitely an element of nuttiness there, too. I love nuts, so I'm a fan! I really like this in cereal bowls, as well, but it's also a good option for savory meals. This mix works really well in lentil burgers (especially with ketchup and horseradish mustard).

I love how the flavored nuts are much healthier than other flavored nuts.

That's the ingredients list for the Cajun BBQ Almonds, which were super delicious (even though I'm not the biggest onion fan) and flavorful, even without the added oils and MSG that I've seen in some of the store brand mixed nuts at the Market Basket near my apartment, where I do most of my grocery shopping.

Cajun BBQ sprouted almonds
The Cajun BBQ almonds are VERY spicy! If you're a wimp (*cough, cough* me) you'll need a big bowl of yogurt or glass of milk on the ready! The Zesty Onion ones, on the other hand are not spicy - but they are noochy! Yum :) They're both seriously addicting, I put away like half a bag one night. It was a long night, though!

I also really like sprouted nuts and seeds, because the sprouting just makes them taste way better! They're softer and I find them more flavorful. They're more satisfying and they're also easier on the tummy, so if you do eat a bit too many, you're less likely to experience tummy distress. I certainly find that to be the case, at least!

But now for the gRAWnola.

Check out that ingredients list! When you have such an awesome, nutrient-dense ingredients list, it's no wonder that they move it to the front of the wrapper. It's definitely be something to be proud of!

The taste didn't disappoint, either! Like other raw granola bars, the bar is nice and chewy, sweet, and nutty. I really liked the emphasis on pumpkin seeds (sprouted pumpkin seeds are amazing) and they have some fun flavors!

Sweet and Sour gRAWnola bar
The sweet and sour was really interesting (who'd have thought lime/cayenne and dates/apples = awesome? Luckily, there isn't much cayenne so it's not very spicy) and though the original was my favorite (gotta let that pumpkin seed flavor shine!) I know a lot of you would really enjoy the banana coconut bar. It's like a fun spin on banana bread!

So the verdict on gRAWnola? They pass the test, they deserve their lofty tagline!

Though this last push (before Thanksgiving break, that is) means that I don't really have much time for imaginative stuff outside of class (I haven't worked on any of my WIPs since summer!) I do think that snacking on the gRAWnola bars made cranking that organismic and evolutionary biology research paper out a little easier.

 Does the pace pick up for you at work/school right before breaks?

Are your Thanksgiving plans solidified yet? What are they?

Have you tried sprouted nuts/seeds?

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