Nov 9, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds 19

Every Friday makes me just a little bit happier, because it means we're one week closer to December 1.

Once December 1 happens, I'm officially allowed to unleash my Christmas craziness. Which has kind of already been started with my Tookies Smores Cookie-in-a-Jar Gift giveaway and my international chocolate Advent Calendar giveaway...


But December 1 is still three weeks away, so I need to calm the fishniblits down.

In the meantime, let's look at some cool recipes. And since Friday also means weekend and weekend = sleeping in = yummy breakfast, this week's theme is breakfast food!


Oh, and all of these recipes are either already vegan or easily made vegan by using non-dairy milk in place of the cow's milk!

Kelsey's Apple Pie Granola (V)


bowl full

Quinoa Porridge with Blueberries and Pecans

Jamie Oliver's Sourdough Bread

I always make my sourdough bread with just plain all-purpose flour and everyone loves it - but this one, made with rye flour, sounds interesting, too.

Okay, so you know how I said (oh, about two minutes ago) that I need to hold off on the Christmas crazy for a bit? These holiday scents from Sam's Soy Candles definitely aren't helping!

Christine started making natural soy candles because she loves candles and wants to provide people with good-smelling, clean-burning, high-quality candles that are safe for kids (like her son, Sam)!

She has a bunch of different flavors out, including Coconut Lime, Vanilla Cake, Fig Tree, and Pecan Pie. She sent me her Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice candles to review!

These candles make great gifts, because they're packaged super adorably.

I love the little twine (?) bow around the shallow mason jar. It's adorably rustic and perfect for making any place feel homey instantly!

And they're so fragrant that as soon as I opened the box (not even the jar!) I could smell the delicious scent of gingerbread!

It's just soooooo yummy.

Spicy and rich, it's a bold flavor that smells like you've walked into a holiday home. I had to put on my Christmas Pandora station when I burnt the candle, it was simply appropriate.

Oh my goodness, heaven in a jar. I haven't used candles much in the past few years, since dorms don't allow them and this is my first year living in my own apartment, but I'm definitely bringing them back into my life.

Did you know that studies show smelling pleasant scents can relieve stress and improve your mood?

Lighting this definitely made me smile!

Same goes for the Pumpkin Spice. While the Gingerbread candle was my favorite, since I'm Christmas-obsessed and the delightful Gingerbread smell (it smells even better than gingerbread actually tastes!) made my apartment smell/feel like home at Christmastime, the Pumpkin Spice candle also smells really good!

This one is more seasonally appropriate, since it's a fall/Thanksgiving scent and it is early November (anyone else psyched for Sam's Soy Candles's Limited Edition scents in Peppermint Bark, Merry Mistletoe, Cypress and Berries, and Harvest Apple?). Imagine what your house smelled like as a kid on Thanksgiving Day, when your mom pulled the pumpkin pie hot out of the oven.

Now make it just a little bit better. Yup, better. I don't know how Christine makes them smell so good, but I guess all those years of experimenting really paid off!

Did you know that there are certain things you can do with any candle to make it burn better? Here are some handy tips to keep in mind the next time you light a candle!

1) Trim the wick every time that you re-light the candle, to get it to just about 1/4 to 1/8 inch.

2) Never burn a candle in any type of draft. When there's a flame and there's a breeze, the flame will flicker like crazy and there will be smoke!

3) To get your candle to burn evenly and smell best, burn each candle for only about an hour per inch of diameter at a time. This allows the candle to achieve a full burn pool for optimal burning!

Aren't those cool? Except for #2, I never knew that doing that stuff helps!

What's your favorite candle scent?

What's your favorite breakfast?

When does the holiday season start for you?


  1. I'm kind of going nuts thinking about all the baking ideas I have for Christmas myself. It's overwhelming and there's so much to bake. At least it will make winter go quickly . . . hopefully.

  2. Dessert-scented candles are the best! I love birthday cake. "Fresh linen" has a nice scent too :)

  3. My favorite candle scent is, without a doubt, pumpkin pie. Mmmm, we have one burning in our home right now and it makes me so happy :)
    My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with wisked a whisked in egg, pumpkin puree, cinnamon and spice, maple syrup, and a humungous spoonful of nut butter. Holy I'm hungry!

  4. I love your blog!!!
    Have you ever used any starters from a company called Sourdough's International?
    I keep hearing about them but I want some reviews from some fellow bakers.. If anyone knows, let me know!
    Thanks : )


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