Nov 16, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds 20

Next week is Thanksgiving! YAAAAAAAAAY!

I can finally get caught up on my reading/work/sleep. :P Kidding - except for the sleeping part. I'll definitely be watching Christmas movies, relaxing, eating good food, and having a nice time of it!

For everyone who's already planning the Thanksgiving feast, things can get a little tricky when there's a  vegetarian in attendance. But there's no need!

I know that a lot of people swear by Tofurky as a Thanksgiving favorite, but here are a few other vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to check out (V for vegan, as always)!

The NY Times' Jalepeno Spoonbread

Martha Stewart's Leek Bread Pudding

And no Thanksgiving is complete without pecan pie - I need it there every year!

Marcel Cocit's Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolate Pecan Pie

I normally have a plain pecan pie from the bakery section of Harris Teeter, Food Lion, or Fresh Market (or some other grocery store) but chocolate pecan pie does sound delicious... 

Though I'm not one for a flimsy squirt of whipped cream on my pie. Nope, it has to be a big drippy scoop of vanilla ice cream all the way!

For pre-Thanksgiving dinner snacks, since Thanksgiving dinner tends to be at an awkward-ish time (around four, right?) NuGo has tasty new vegan bars in Espresso and Crunchy Peanut Butter!

Both were good, but I really enjoyed the Espresso bar.

I think this was my first time having NuGo bars? I found the bars to be pretty standard-sized, neither particularly large nor particularly small.

Stats are also pretty great - since these are the NuGo Slim Dairy-Free bars, they have only 3g of sugar (and those 3g come from the real dark chocolate and the chicory root fiber)! For those of you who like to be aware of calories, they're 170 and 180 calories each.

Though there are only 3g of sugar, they're both sweet enough and made with real sugar, not sucralose or another artificial sweetener.

And both bars are enrobed in dark chocolate, win! It's worth noting that while many bars say dark chocolate on the wrapper, they tend not to have actual dark chocolate in the ingredients list.

NuGo is the only company to make real dark chocolate protein bars. Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants - and it's delicious!

I'm not quite sure how they get the bars to be so sweet (they aren't too sweet, but they are sweet enough) with only 3g of sugar and no artificial sweeteners? Comparably sized (and comparably sweet) bars tend to have between 9g and 15g of sugar, in my experience.

The bars are chewy, but also dry and hearty enough to be nice and satisfying.

I liked the crunchy bits in the bars and thought the dark chocolate paired excellently with the espresso in the Espresso bar. These don't taste artificial at all, they're a real treat!

I love bars :)

The Crunchy Peanut Butter bar is also really tasty, but it's definitely dominated by peanut butter flavor. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, since peanut butter is yummy! I also really enjoyed the actual peanut pieces in the peanut filling. Yum!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Have you tried NuGo bars? Which is your favorite?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving menu item, that you eat every year?

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  1. lovely post! all the food looks amazing... we are currently in the process of narrowing down recipes for our " a very vegetarian christmas" this year. so thanks! will defiantly come in handy
    fox @

  2. Wow that all looks good. I'm planning my Thanksgiving only because I have to plan how to eat healthy until then LOL. I've had the nugo bar once, but I cannot recall what flavor it was. #realtalk

  3. The bars are awesome, I tried them before too and I really liked them. Especially the espresso one, it's just so rich and intensely flavored. Great pics too, they really show the bars for how they look like in person :)


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