Nov 23, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #21

I hope y'all had lovely Thanksgiving celebrations with your families and friends! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to launch full-force into Christmas mode.

In case you haven't already.

Now that I'm in college and establishing my own household of one, it's time to be responsible for my own holiday greetings. Sending all friends, family, academic advisors, and coworkers can be a bit too expensive for a student's small budget - so cards are the way to go!

Tiny Prints is running a Christmas card promotion for Black Friday weekend. The code DOD1123 gets $10 off (no minimum purchase) from now through Sunday). I particularly like the holiday cards in their special Tory Burch collection, there are even some cute thank-you cards!

Folded Holiday Thank You Cards Poppy Print - Front : Baltic

Happy Black Friday!

But if you're out and about shopping, not just online shopping at home, you need a good portable snack. So this week's Friday Foodie Finds theme is granola bars!

Post image for Homemade Granola Bars

thick, chewy granola bars

Nicole's Chocolate Vegan Granola Bars (V, GF)

Since we're on chocolate already, that's the perfect segue into the second part of this post!

The way that I go through dairy (hello, yogurt and ice cream) I really don't have big worries about getting my calcium in. But some people, especially those with dietary restrictions (ie: vegan, lactose-intolerant) getting that calcium in can be kind of tough. And calcium is very important (remember my rant about strong backs?).

Anyway, there's a tastier way to make sure all of your calcium bases are covered than swallowing an (often poorly absorbed) enormous horse pill.

Remember the chewy Viactiv calcium supplements of childhood? Well, these go one better by making your calcium delicious and chocolaty without using corn syrup!

And, for the vegans out there, the Dark Chocolate Adora Calcium Supplement is vegan (except for possible traces of milk, so I guess it depends on how strict you are).

And they're actually a real treat, too. Unlike the Viactiv ones, these aren't calcium chews - they're real calcium chocolates.

They taste just like any other chocolates! So they aren't dark dark chocolate - they taste more like milk to me - but they're smooth, chocolaty, and there's no taste of supplement or trace of 'healthiness' for your tastebuds to detect.

They're a sweet little treat that can easily fit into anyone's diet. Yum!

You certainly won't forget your calcium (the way I keep forgetting my multivitamin, whoopsies). You'll be craving your calcium!

If you're not vegan, the milk chocolate ones are really tasty, too! I thought they tasted like a nice, high quality milk chocolate bar and they were really creamy :)

And, to share the love, Adora has offered to give away a bag each of their milk and dark chocolate calcium supplements to one of you lucky readers!

Everyone can enter and it runs through December 7, when I'll announce the winner!

Make sure you've entered all of my 25 Days of Giveaways giveaways so far!

Are you looking for anything specific this Black Friday?

What's the earliest you've gone out on Black Friday?

Who do you send Christmas Cards to?


  1. Homemade granola bars are the best!! My roommate always makes these ones with pb, craisins, honey and chocolate drizzle. I love her because she shares :)

  2. twitted this today, 24/11

  3. i have been dying to try these! this would be an awesome win!!


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