Nov 18, 2012

It's the second day of the 25 Days of Giveaways!

If you didn't read yesterday's post, be sure to go back and learn all about my wonderful holiday giveaway series - I'm super excited to share these giveaways with you and I hope you're just as excited as I am, too!

Since life is all about balance and yesterday's giveaway (which you can still enter through December 1!) was for sweet Christmas tree cake pops, today's giveaway is for Raw Revolution food bars.


Raw Revolution has been making healthy gluten-free, vegan, wheat/corn/soy/trans-fat/cholesterol/refined sugar free bars for over 6  years, but this fall they rebranded. For those of you who knew their bars before, the bars are made of the same delicious, nutritious, organic ingredients (like cashews, dates, coconut, etc.) but they're now more attractively packaged in lower eco footprint packaging that's easier to open and they're smaller, to bring their calorie content in line with their competitors (it's now approximately 200 whole food healthy calories for each 1.8 oz bar).

The bars also have fun new names - like Chocolate Crave instead of Chocolate Cashew. But they're still the bars you know and love!

These are a sticky-type fruit-and-nut bar (think Lara bar) and they're all sweet (from the dried fruits - primarily dates - and agave nectar) and delicious. My favorites are as follows (but in no particular order):

Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream 1.8oz Organic Live Food Bar

Spirulina Dream - It has a creamsicle-ish note and it's a great green! I mean, how many green bars are there out there? Not to mention the nutritional benefits of the green. Spirulina is a complete protein (super rare for vegan proteins) and it's rich in B vitamins, iron, vitamin E, vitamin K, and a bunch of other nutrients!

Raw Revolution Almond Butter Cup 230 Calories 1.8oz Food Bar

Almond Butter Cup - Chocolate + Almond = Yummy! It tastes like candy, but it's a healthy snack that provides long-lasting energy. With its great blend of healthy fats and natural sugars, there's no fear of a sugar crash here!

And I love almonds.

Raw Revolution Cherry Chocolate Chunk 210 Calories 1.8oz Food Bar

Cherry Chocolate Chunk - The chocolate and cherry pair together well in this yummy dessert bar! And it's so healthy that you can have it for breakfast. I probably shouldn't say this, since it's probably rawist sacrilege, but (shhh, don't tell) try ding-donging it for 15 seconds in the microwave. Amazing.

Raw Revolution Heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate 1.8oz Organic Live Food Bar

Heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate - I really only need to say one word to justify this choice: Nutella.

Can you guys tell that I'm a bit of a chocoholic? While Raw Revolution makes plenty of non-chocolate bars, the only one of the favorites listed above that isn't chocolatey is the Spirulina Dream!

And it's green, so that's already pretty awesome.

Anyway, now that I've had my chance to gush about these yummy bars, here's your chance to win a mixed flavor box of Raw Revolution Bars!

How's that for making your Sunday that much better? I hope y'all have a great week!


  1. What computer download is needed to view the rafflecopter widget? It never shows up when I view the giveaways, so I cannot enter :(

  2. I figured it out!! For some reason, when I use Safari, I can't seem to comment on ".blogspot" blogs (even my own!!). But I'm using Firefox right now and it works. Still love your blog, that hasn't changed :)

  3. For some reason I cant enter either.. I've tried different browsers but it's still not working. :(

    I've heard about these bars, they look awesome!

    1. Have you tried Firefox, like Devon? I'm so sorry about the trouble!

  4. Im also having trouble with uploading rafflecopter on your giveaways.

    1. Hmm, I'll look into it - that's really weird! It uploads on my screen!

  5. Yesterday I was able to clcik a link to find the rafflecopter widget... this one is just not showing up at all. Darn that can be frustrating.

    1. I'm so sorry about that! I have no idea why so many people are experiencing problems with this (the widget loads fine on my computer). I'll email the folks at Rafflecopter!

  6. YUM! Thank you for a delicious giveaway. Happy holidays!

  7. No Rafflecopter for me either (I use IE). Bummer. These look so good.

  8. These sound delish, especially the Heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate!

  9. Rafflecopter wasn't working for me either - I was using Internet Explorer. I downloaded Firefox and BAM! Rafflecopter magically appeared :P

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  11. Some times we you guys cant post any suggestion on others blog is that your current browser version is up to date that is why you need to update the version and taraaaah! Its Done! :)

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    Enjoy your life Always.
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