Nov 13, 2012

Star-Studded Snacking

I love bars, as you guys know, so I was super excited to try a new-to-me bar the other day!

Starbars is an organic raw food bar company that makes 5 different flavors with different nutritional themes! Including a rather scandalous one (I'm looking at you, Libido bar).

These are the old wrappers, but they just switched to new packaging.
The five flavors are Chocolate Covered Raisins, Apple Lemon Chia, Apple Berry Chia, Strawberry Apple Ginger, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Seeing as it's still midterm season (why does midterm season drag on for a good month?) I headed right for the brain bar.

My brain can use all the help that it can get. Especially when it's mint chocolate help ;)

All Starbars are made of just healthful organic ingredients, liked dried fruits and nuts. The Brain bar is nice and chocolatey, but with the added bonus of an organic greens blend - but you can't really taste the greens, the chocolate overwhelms them pretty much completely. And it really is mint-chocolatey, with creamy little chunks of chocolate in there!

And the Chocolate Covered Raisin bar is really yummy - it's my second favorite!

It's just the right amount of chocolatey - soooooo good!

And yes, that's the Libido bar. Scandalous.

Back to the Brain Bar really quickly : here's what's in it.

The nutritional stats of and ingredients in all the Starbars are great, but the texture varies from bar-to-bar.

While most of the bars are like drier Lara bars (as in, still a sticky date bar - just not as sticky because the lessened emphasis on nuts means there's less oil), the texture of the Strawberry Apple Ginger (Detox) bar and the Apple Berry Chia (Beauty) is unusual.

They're chewy bars, but not in the chewy protein bar sense and not really in the chewy fruit-and-nuts bar sense, either.

That's the Strawberry Apple Ginger-flavored bar pictured above. As you can see, there are the dried fruits - but it's less of a dense bar than other fruit-and-nut bars.

The Beauty bar has a little more substantial texture, thanks to the dates.

But the apple chunks, in general, seem to make for a 'fluffier' bar. Fluffy isn't the right word - it's more like softer and lighter. Does that make sense?

Since there are less nuts in these bars, they're a bit less rich and filling. It's a give-and-take, though, because sometimes you want a lighter bar. In those cases, these bars come through!

Because I found these bars to be less satisfying than some other bars, I'd pair them with something else to make a snack. I ate one of them with a bag of nuts (go figure), another wrapped in a slice of bread, another with a sweet potato and peanut butter, and the last two chopped into yogurt-granola creations.

I recommend doing that last combo now. Chobani + Granola + any Starbar = YUMMMMMMMM.

The flavor of the bars is, after all, really spot on! The Chocolate Covered Raisin is a perfect combo of flavors, as is the Strawberry Apple Ginger. Mint chocolate is awesome, of course, but the chocolate covered raisin and strawberry apple ginger are rarer bar flavors, so that's pretty fun!

And the apple lemon chia is really lemony :)

I really like the almond bits in it! Who knew that lemon and almond are a winning combo?

Have you tried Starbars?

What's your favorite kind of bar texture?

Do you eat your bars alone or with something? If with something, with what? I rarely eat bars alone, I like eating them with yogurt, cereal, bread, or sweet potatoes. Yes, it sounds odd. But don't knock it until you try it!


  1. Those look amazing! I've never even seen them before, I wonder if they're in Canada. Either way, thanks for filling me in, can't wait to find them :)

  2. Libido bar. LOLZ. they look really good and like dense chocolate. I could def see myself having these bad boys.

  3. Thank you so much for your review. We are happy you enjoyed our product and hope to share more with you very soon!

  4. I've never heard of this brand before, but I'm about to check out the website!
    All the flavors sound really good! :)


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