Dec 31, 2012

Fabulous New Year's Looks and More Yummy Breakfast Foods!

First, Happy New Year's Eve!

Obviously half the fun of New Year's Eve parties (except for that whole shiny ball dropping out of the sky thing) is checking out everyone's sweet threads.

You know I'll be watching and judging.

 Here are some fabulous looks that I'm hoping to see tonight.



Forever Unique short cocktail dress
$445 -

Cashmere coat

Oasis glitter handbag
$48 -



Dolce Gabbana long sleeve shirt
$1,265 -

Dice Kayek metallic pleated skirt
$655 -

Kelsi Dagger red shoes

Bcbg max azria

Bride earrings

Lip makeup



Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sandals

Freshwater pearl stud earrings
$800 -

Aubin Wills rhinestone jewelry
$20 -

Tarte mascara

Just look fly, y'all!

On the theme of healthy breakfasts, and for everyone who's New Year's Resolution is to eat breakfast regularly, here are some more delicious, nutritious foods that will make that resolution the most fun resolution you've ever kept!

MoonShadows Farm all natural gourmet jams are a great option to top your toast with or flavor a cup of lain yogurt with. All of the jams are homemade in small batches, using lots of fresh fruit and just real cane sugar - no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, dyes, or anything else that you don't want in your healthy breakfast! Some of the jams are even sweetened with just fruit juices!

The jams are all very fruity and the consistency is just right. I like my jams a little pulpier than the norm, so I would have preferred a bit more fruit flesh, but the flavor in all of them is great.

The jars are really big, so you're getting a lot of jam for your $6.50. It's actually a quite good deal, especially for a homemade jam! I was really surprised by how large the jars are - they're 20oz each, much larger than the standard 12oz jar of jam!

My favorite of the three flavors was probably the strawberry. It's bursting with fresh strawberry flavor, almost as though you're eating breakfast on a farm in the peak of summer!

I liked that they kept some of the seeds in the jams, but there aren't too many. So for those who aren't particularly enamored of seeds in their jam, these are still very enjoyable.

The black raspberry was also very tasty, with a very intense dark raspberry flavor, and the peach is really good on cashew butter toast. Reallllly good.

Or if you're more of an oatmeal or cereal than bread person at breakfast, topping your bowl with some all natural red raspberry syrup will liven that breakfast right up!

It's super fruity and delicious, with less sugar than some comparable brands. It also doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup, unlike many of the big name syrups, so it's something you can feel good about pouring over your flakes or oatmeal. Or flavoring some plain yogurt with!

Also, the syrup has some consistency to it - it's not too watery or liquid-y. There's no pulp or seeds (it's a syrup, not a jam) but it's almost close to a thinner jelly in consistency.

MoonShadows Farm fruit preserves are delicious!

Do you prefer bread or cereal for breakfast?

What's your favorite breakfast?

What's your favorite spread for bread?

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  1. Yum! I like cereal for breakfast, especially Cheerios :)


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