Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas with Chocolate Indulgence


I hope you guys are all enjoy lovely Christmas mornings with your families! Hopefully you've unloaded your stockings full of tasty treats and unwrapped your delightful presents! Hopefully you're enjoying yummy pancake or french toast breakfasts, whatever is your preference, with your loved ones!

And hopefully you have day full of delights ahead of you, like these delicious chocolates from Antidote Chocolate.

Antidote Chocolate is made of organic cacao sourced bean-to-bar from Ecuador, with 50% raw and 50% roasted cacao in every bar. This allows for optimal flavor and health benefits (you can read more about those here), including emotional stabilization, appetite regulation, circulation improvement, stress relief, and many other great health benefits! A treat that makes you feel that good? That's quite something.

And I can definitely confirm that, at leas for me, these bars are more of a mood booster than most chocolates. But who knows? Maybe it's just because they're so intensely chocolatey and delicious? But maybe it's due to the super-healthful ingredients in the bar. Oh, and they're vegan - so everyone can enjoy them!

There are a great variety of exotic flavors, like the four that I tried: lavender + red salt, coffee + cardamom, gooseberry, and almond + fennel! Each of the bars has two servings and each serving is five blocks (like the individually wrapped ones on top, there). It's a really good-sized serving and, given how intensely chocolatey these bars are, one serving is very satisfying and all that you need!

They also really don't skimp on the mix-ins. A lot of bars claim to have cool flavors, but then it ends up just being some really subtle 'hint of' kind of thing. That's not the case with these bars. Check out how loaded the squares of almond + fennel chocolate are with almond slivers!

The mix-ins are pressed into the backs of each bar and the tops are just smooth, intense chocolate. Each block has a letter stamped on it, which my little sister got a real kick out of!

The chocolate was too intense for her, as it is likely to be for most little kids. This is real dark chocolate, whether you're going for one of the 77% varieties or one of the 84% (or 100%) cacao varieties, and it's a real adult treat.

The chocolate isn't particularly sweet, since it is so dark, but it is flavorful, smooth, and creamy enough that dark chocolate lovers won't miss the sweetness.

You just can't compare something like Hershey's Special Dark to an Antidote Chocolate bar - not in terms of health benefits and definitely not in terms of luxury and taste, either. This makes Hershey's Special Dark taste like milk chocolate.

 The gooseberry has a really great unique flavor from the sweet-tart gooseberries (I think they're the same thing as Incan berries) with the super-dark chocolate. You really want to savor each piece!

Just like you'll savor this Christmas, I hope! Have a wonderful day!! 

Have you tried Antidote Chocolate?

What's the best thing you got in your stocking?

What's something you're excited about today?

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  1. Me merry Christmas!!
    I love chocolate but I won't be having any today, we have way too much leftovers from last nights supper lol


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