Dec 22, 2012

Must-Watch Movie Schedule and FruitChia Bars!

If you're like most of us, chances are that your Omega 3 : Omega 6 fatty acid ratios are skewed towards Omega 6 fatty acids. But why does that matter? A fairly equal omega 3: omega 6 fatty acid ratio is important for healthy brain function, skin, metabolism, and a whole lot more!

But if you don't like fish (or you're vegetarian and don't eat fish) what can you do about it? You can eat walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds, that's what! Your best bet is to eat them all (as well as other sources of Omega 3 fatty acids) as variety is key to good health!

But while walnuts plain (or as a nut butter!) are absolutely delicious, and flax seeds make a great cereal mix-in or ice cream topping, chia seeds can seem pretty unappealing if you're not into the gelatinous texture of chia pudding.

FruitChia Bars are a delicious option to get those Omega 3s in - 1040mg of 'em!!

FruitChia Bars come in four flavors - Raspberry Blast, Cranberry Blast, Strawberry Blast, and Blueberry Blast.

Basically, there's a whole lot of fruity blasting going on.

Their ingredients lists are super short, super healthy, and super natural!

With 2 full servings of fruit per bar and no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors, these gluten-free vegan bars are essentially just fruit and chia seeds. Awesome!

Because they're just dried fruits and chia seeds, they're extremely fruity in flavor and it's absolutely delightful! They're all very true to their flavors, but all of a slight apple taste (they're made with apple puree, after all). It works well in all of the bars, though! Especially in the strawberry bar.

Have you had strawberry and apple together before? I'm not sure that I have, but it's a delicious combination! And the bars are made all the more deliciously satisfying by the crunch of the chia seeds. Those healthy fats also make the bars filling in a longer-lasting way that your usual all fruit bars.

I really liked these, they're delicious! Sticky, sweet, satisfying, and so so good for you.

The other flavors are all really good, too, though. They're all very fruity!

I love breaking them (well, more like 'pulling apart,' since they're sticky and bendy) over a container of greek yogurt. It makes a great snack!


Anyway, since I've just shared a yummy new bar that you need to try with you, now I'll share some great movies that, if you have time and cable, you ought to try to catch before Christmas!

Today ABC Family is showing all three of the Santa Claus movies back-to-back, starting with the first one at 6pm! The second comes on at 8pm and the third at 10pm!

Gosh, they're all so funny that I don't know which one I'll watch...

Tomorrow, ABC Family is showing Fred Claus at 12:30pm and How the Grinch Stole Christmas at 7pm and 9:30pm. And there's the Polar Express on ABC Family at 5pm!

And on Christmas Eve, there's Eloise at Christmastime on the Hallmark Channel at 6pm for the younger ones and Home Alone at 9pm on ABC Family for the whole family!

For Christmas Day itself, the Hallmark Channel is rolling out two pretty new movies - Hitched for the Holidays (originally aired November 25) at 2pm and Matchmaker Santa (originally aired November 17) at 4pm!

Oh, and yes - the male protagonist in Hitched for the Holidays is the same as Joey in Melissa & Joey. I love that show!

Have you tried FruitChia Bars?

What are your favorite ways to get your Omega 3s in?

What movies are you planning to catch before Christmas?

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