Dec 17, 2012

Snack Superlatives!

Thursday was bars and breakfast-y favorites, Saturday was sweet treats, and today is snack stuff!

Here is my superlative series, continued!

Ooh, and great news: I'm going to be giving away one of my favorite things on Wednesday. Stay tuned to see what it is (and enter to win)!

Best Vegan Snacks

Best Nuts/Seeds

Living Nutz Absolute Chi Teriyaki Almonds (Raw, V)

Best Fruit Snacks

Matt's Munchies

Eden Foods Dried Cranberries and Cherries

I don't know what it is about dried cranberries, but I just love them!

Have you tried any of my favorite things?

What are some of your favorite snack foods?

Don't forget to enter my remaining 25 Days of Giveaways giveaways!


  1. I love these posts!! They make me a little hungry, but that's okay!!


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