Dec 29, 2012

Snarky Stylist and PUR Gum: A Review

I've shared some of my favorite things with you guys in my superlatives review, but the fact is that you just won't (and probably can't, if you're being 100% honest) like everything that you're sent to review, even when the product has some great selling points.

PUR gum is an example of that for me.

I love gum (and it's definitely a habit of mine) but I don't love the artificial sweeteners in it and have always felt a bit odd about avoiding artificial sweeteners in the rest of my diet, but taking in who-knows-how-much through gum every day. PUR gum sounded like a great alternative, since it's sweetened with just natural xylitol and none of that going-to-give-you-cancer ickiness.

Unfortunately, the reality of PUR gum was a bit of a let-down.

There are four flavors of PUR gum - pomegranate mint, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. All four taste great, with the minty-fruity combo of the pomegranate mint as my favorite.

Two pieces is a serving and it's vegan, non-GMO, aspartame-free, and diabetic-friendly. Health wise, it's pretty great for gum!

But the problem with the gum is that the taste just doesn't last. I think a piece of gum lasted about two minutes before it started losing its flavor! Within five minutes you may as well spit it out. To get in an average length amount of active gum chewing time, you'd pretty much have to chew through a whole pack - no bueno.

Maybe I've been spoiled by my long-lasting gum standards, but PUR gum just isn't quite there for me yet. It's tasty (at first), but until they can make a serving last at least ten minutes (better yet, at least fifteen) I'm going to have to pass.

Anyway, it's Snarky Stylist time!

Christmas is over (boo!) but here's a little flashback for those of us who miss it already.

As always, Selena looks amazing here. I like how she went all-white with her outfit, but added red shoes. If you're out and about in a similar outfit, a matching red handbag would be quite cute!

I like this red Miu Miu bag:
It's nice and big, perfect for fitting a cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, a drink, a book, and plenty of snacks - all the essentials!

But since great fashion is about taking risks, it's only natural that even the most stylish of us miss the mark now and again. Here's a look I'm not loving:

The shoes are boxy and awful (they look like they came straight out of a poorly drawn Cartoon Network daily), the socks would best be left for her tennis shoe days, and the jacket has less shape than a burlap sack. I love Rihanna as much as everyone else, but this is definitely bad fashion happening to good people.

It's not a lost cause, though! The skirt is adorable and her shirt, necklace, and bracelet aren't bad either. The red cropped cut is not only festive but tres chic and her makeup is absolutely glowing! If she traded the clunker shoes and socks for these Stuart Weitzman Partna booties -

- and this jacket -

- she'd still have her edgy rocker look, but it would work. Plus, the Studded Moto Jacket from Pynk Nylon is only $72, which I bet is less than Rihanna paid for that hideodorous gray thing.

For those of you who, like me, love Disney, you've probably already fallen in love with Debby Ryan. I know that she's definitely one of my new favorite actresses!

And here's one more reason to love her:

I wouldn't change a thing! She looks amazing and super classy, but without edging into granny.

I love the floaty blouse with the high waisted skirt and the hi-lo effect strikes the right balance between showing off her legs and keeping a little mystery. Way to go!

How long do you like to chew a piece of gum?

Have you tried PUR gum?

Thoughts about the celeb looks? I want to hear what the Snarky Stylist in you says!

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  1. Nice post:) I never tried pur gum in my life! I would love to find some though:)~new Follower


  2. OMG I totally agree with the gum - it was really gross LOL when I tried it! Thanks for such an honest review - I can really trust your opinion, whereas some other reviews on different blogs, I'm inclined to doubt their opinion when they are sent the items for free ..

    1. Thanks! Just being honest :) I think there's no point in a review if it isn't the truth!

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