Dec 30, 2012

Starting the Day Off Right!

As most of us are thinking about the blessings of the past year and what we resolve to do differently (or the same!) next year, I'd like to put breakfast on the table as a suggestion.

Pardon the pun.

Anyway, resolving to eat breakfast regularly next year is a great resolution! Breakfast eaters have been shown in a number of studies to be healthier, more efficient workers, and (in my personal experience, though I'm not sure about studies) happier. I'm sure a lot less of a grouch when I've had a good breakfast!

Grandy Oats foods are organic and crafted in small batches of only the best, most nutritious ingredients - like whole oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, and honey! There are a bunch of different varieties of granola and convenient on-the-go oatmeal cups to keep fun and variety in your breakfasts.

And they make trail mix and nut snacks as well! Like these delicious toasted coconut almonds!

They're sweet (I could even stand to have them be just a touch less sweet) and very coconut-ty. They're like crunchy candy, or a healthier nut brittle!

The granolas are my favorite, though, and even just a bit (as a mix-in with other cereals or a yogurt topping) adds that extra something to breakfast! 

I really liked that the chocolate almond crisp granola had a good chocolate flavor, but the chocolate didn't overwhelm the almond flavor. You get both of the flavors in just about equal parts!

An all of the granolas are nice and crisp and sweet, not at all stale or soft.

The cranberry chew granola, however, was my favorite of the granolas. After all, I love dried cranberries - and the ones in this granola are plump and juicy and sweet-tart!

The addition of unsulphured dried apples was a nice touch and I liked that they used orange juice to sweeten the granola!

The cashew raisin granola, too, had a nice blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits!

This isn't a big-clumps-and-clusters granola (none of the Grandy Oats ones  that I tried are), but they are nice and crisp and flavorful.

If it's past the breakfast hour (or you're just treating yourself to an extra special breakfast) these granolas make an excellent topping for ice cream!

The convenient oatmeal-to-go cups are great for breakfast or convenient snacking. You can add hot milk or water, but I prefer just adding cold (or room temperature) milk or yogurt (not greek, just regular yogurt). I love that they're very generous with the dried fruits!

Eating a nutritious breakfast isn't a tough resolution to stick to when it's this delicious. Enjoy getting your whole grains in the New Year! It's a resolution you'll look forward to keeping each and every morning :)

To make it even easier to do, Grandy Oats is offering $5 off web orders of $50+ for LLE readers with the coupon code GOLLE5. As always, all orders of $35+ have free shipping!

Do you do New Year's Resolutions?

Have you tried Grandy Oats products?

What's your favorite way to eat granola?

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  1. I agree with that completely. People often think that in order to be healthy they have to eat bland boring foods.

  2. Toasted coconut almonds?! Sounds amazing!

  3. These look delicious! Where can I buy them?

    1. I know, they are! You can find a store near you here:


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