Dec 23, 2012

What to Wear on Christmas!

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Christmas is always such a hurry up and wait wait and hurry up kind of thing. You wait allllllll year (or maybe that's just me) for the holiday season to arrive, then once it's here it absolutely speeds by! If you blink, you missed it!

Anywho, with Christmas vacations starting later and later each year (or so it seems) anyone who's entertaining over the holidays, or just has a lot of loved ones to find the perfect present for, can find those last few days leading up to Christmas to be pretty busy!

Busy little bees need nutritious fuel to keep them going. I'm pretty busy myself, so I was thrilled to try BumbleBars! But first - fashion is a must. Here's a style guide for your Christmas Day outfit! There are a few things you'll want to think about.

You can look great, but you won't look fabulous unless you feel awesome, too! And comfort doesn't mean sweat pants - your clothes can be loose and comfy without being frumpy.

Free People for $168.00
Most of the year it can be pretty tough to get away with sequins - unless you're a Vegas showgirl or a Drag Queen. But the holiday season means we can all delight in our sequins!

Charlotte Russe for $42.99
At least for when you're unwrapping presents in the morning, heels are a great option. You don't have to walk, but you get to look great! That's how I like my heels, they're perfect for little movement :)

And even if you're in PJs, these will class that right up!

Aldo Shoes for $100.00
Look Angelic.
So dressing in floaty, pretty clothes won't take you off Santa's naughty list. But it can't hurt, right?

Forever21 for $22.80
Christmas Day has lots of different parts to it - there's the games and rushing about, where all that activity will generate warmth. There's the movie watching, where you'll be cuddled on the sofa, but probably feeling a little chillier. There are the meals, where you'll be neither too hot nor too cold. Layers will keep you feeling just right all day long!

Abercrombie for $44 (on sale from $88)
Sweaters are great!

Oh, and if you're going on a digestive stroll after a delicious Christmas feast, HOW CUTE is this jacket?

Zara for $99.90
But really, anything goes - just enjoy being festive and fabulous!

Frankly, you can even Dress It All The Way Up.

Pamella Roland Gown (retails at $1925), rent from Rent The Runway for $250
Renting a designer gown just for Christmas is so a-okay!

Okay, now for those busy bee eats.

Out favorites: Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Crisp
BumbleBars are organic, gluten-free, all-natural snack bars made of just a few organic ingredients. The Original BumbleBars come in fourteen fabulous flavors and there are Junior BumbleBars, too, in mini portions for kids!

They're good-sized snack bars (if you go with the original size not the junior ones - those are mini and just don't cut it for my appetite). Just so you have an idea of size, that's a dinner plate.

Chocolate Mint on top, Chocolate Crisp on bottom
They're chockful of seeds and nuts (there aren't just sesame seeds in there, there are also a lot of heart-healthy flax seeds and yummy-licious almonds, too. If you have orthodontia, these might not be the bars for you!

I'm so glad that braces are in my past, though, because these are delicious! They're sweet and sticky, but not excessively so.

The chocolate in the chocolate-flavored bars is good quality, it's a really nice chocolate flavor, and it pairs really well with the seeds. They're chocolatey, but without the chocolate completely covering the taste of the seeds. My (health food wary) big sister said they look like blocks of bird food. But she (very reluctantly) tried one and had to admit that they're "not bad."

Coming from her, that's a huge compliment. And I loved them! All of the flavors were great, but the chocolate mint really stood out to me as doing real justice to an awesome flavor combo. My mom prefers these to granola bars and even my little sister liked all of them (except the chocolate mint bar, because she only likes mint in smooth textured foods).

If you're looking for a snack to pack for your trip to the mall, your travels over the river and through the woods, to grandma's house we go, or just a snack to keep you going while you prepare the Christmas feast, I recommend trying these out!

Have you tried BumbleBars? What's your favorite flavor?

Do you still have anything left to do before Christmas? What?

What are you planning on wearing on Christmas?

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  1. I love the abercrombie sweater. I actually am looking for a cute sweater. AF always has great sales too. So funny-my parents actually are very serious that Santa doesn't come if we come down stairs in PJ's.

  2. I love that little red Christmas sweater! And all the sparkles. For my Christmas Eve party, I'm going for pink lace :) I really want to try Bumble bars too!


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