Dec 12, 2012

WIAW #68

During stressful times, like exams period, it's more important than ever to make a little time to relax. A great way to de-stress is to enjoy a nice, fragrant candle for a few moments and put aside thoughts of whatever is stressing you out.

I like JenSan Home and Body candles - they're homemade and organic, made by two wonderful women in Plainfield, New Jersey!

Jennifer and Sandra Mapp are a pair of crafty sisters, originally from the island of Barbados, who believe in making small-batch products fresh, with an emphasis on high quality ingredients.

They make a bunch of different scents of candles (as well as soaps, body scrubs, and more) but I tried the Christmas Wreath scented soy candle.

It smells really nice! I would expect a fir-type scent from a Christmas Wreath candle, but while this definitely had some piney notes, there's also something else in there - spices? Berries? Poinsetta? Whatever it is, it does smell very holiday-ish!

In addition to taking time to relax, remember to eat!

What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

I have no photos of full meals for you today (do I ever?) but instead, there's a whole lot of (study) snackage.

Like Rox Chox, a Luna Bar, roasted kabocha (I just tried it with coconut oil and nutmeg - oh. whoa) and some un-pictured peanut butter. This one's a real regular with me.

As are yogurt-granola-fruit-dried fruit-nut-nut butter bowls of awesomeness.

Or a late night randomness study snack edition.

Hey, tastebuds ask for weird things at 2am. Don't judge.

What did I say about that Luna Bar, Nut Butter, Roasted Kabocha Squash, some sort of chocolate combo? Highly addictive. As for that walnut butter? This is like my third jar this month. I think I may have a problem...

Cauliflower had fallen out of my life for a while, but it's back with a vengeance. And charred.

Lentils have always been in my life, on the other hand.

And cereal bowls. Like the below, where you can't see any of the yogurt or cereal for all the toppings.

 Freeze dried strawberries, Go Raw sprouted pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, Market Basket's knock-off version of Fiber One cereal, and Chobani has been a real favorite combo this week.

I can't even count how many times I've eaten it.

Or how spookily similar the bowls always look.

But microwave chocolate cakes are always a win, too! Especially with frozen blackberries on top and a handful (or more, depending on the number of papers I have due) of chocolate chips tossed into the batter!

So easy, so yummy, so much love.

And for more cauliflower love (I swear I'm not going to turn into a cauliflower - I just happened to take a picture of it every time that I had it this week, so it looks like a lot!)

And I always eat it sweet. Who says side dishes have to be savory?

Whoever did is obviously wrong. Everything is better sweet!

Good luck with your exams!

What's your favorite holiday scent?

Do you use candles often?

Have you ever been to a tropical island?


  1. I live in a tropical island (well kinda... Singapore), and I really really want to experience the 4 seasons and not have the sun piercing through my skin, or unexpected thunderstorms every single day.

    In other words, those snack bowls look great ;)

  2. I think your taste buds and my taste buds would be very good friends. All the bars, nut butters, squash, cereal... Mmm... I still can't do the sweet beans though. Tried it, hated it. Maybe I'm just not doing it right!? Sweet cauliflower too, I don't know if that would be my thing...

    1. Some love it, some hate it - the trick with the sweet beans is a big spoonful of nut butter at the bottom of the bowl, then you cook the beans as usual but with sugar/honey added and a bit of vanilla. I love it, my roomie thinks its weird!

  3. I love scented candles, especially vanilla flavored! They definitely add something special to a room. Even if I don't plan on buying, I can't resist smelling the different fragranted candles when I'm out shopping :)! Very creative use of the cauliflower- never would have thought to turn it in a sweet dish!

  4. Your snacks lately seem delicious and healthy? :P Also, I agree that a week before exam week must be spent with no stress and yep, a scented candle light evening does relax your mind.

    1. Thank you! All humility aside, I'm kinda the queen of snacking :P

  5. Wow omg all this food makes me want a snack! Looks sooooo good :)

  6. So many awesome cauliflower combos. Love it!

  7. Love charred cauliflower! [OK, I love charred everything.] I might not be late night studying, but my late night cravings DO occasionally include things like roasted brussel sprouts or parsnips and ketchup...or vegetable soup. The stomach wants what it wants! :)


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