Jan 7, 2013

3 Easy Happiness Tips and a 22 Days Review

It's the first Monday after the holidays and, for a lot of us, that means we're headed back to work/school/real life. Here are 3 quick tips to bring some of that holiday good cheer with you into the New Year!

1) Make time for yourself.
The holidays are (hopefully) a great time to relax, but we all have to head back into the real world eventually. Keep that calm, laid back feeling by making a little time for yourself every day - whether it's a bubble bath, a leisurely dinner, or a chapter of a just-for-fun book (even Harlequin novels are allowed, You Time is a judgment-free zone!) you're worth it.

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2) Get enough sleep.
There are a million and one reasons why you have to stay up that extra hour late or wake up that hour early. Believe me, I know. But sleep is important! You'll be healthier, happier, and more productive if you try to stick to those seven hours a night. And you might even live longer!

3) Collaborate, don't compare.
Instead of comparing yourself to your peers, coworkers, siblings, etc., remember that you're all different people and all just right just the way you are. Collaborate with each other instead of envying each other! You'll get so much more done, make more friends/better relationships, and be so much happier with your life!

And here's a bonus tip - have lots of yummy, healthy treats! I know yummy bars make me happy.

Like the vegan protein bars from 22 Days Nutrition!

The bars are organic and made with healthy, raw superfoods. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and ingredients with names you can't pronounce, 22 Days Nutrition bars are made of dried fruits, nut butters and nuts, hemp protein, and other good stuff!

There are 6 yummy flavors:

Cherry Chocolate Bliss - The first ingredient in this bar is almond butter and you can taste it. The almond and the cherry pair delightfully and fans of cherry cordials will enjoy the addition of the chocolate. Yum :)

Daily Mocha Mantra - This one is probably my favorite bar, or at least one of them. It's sweet and decadent like a dessert, and the coffee and chocolate flavor pair perfectly. It's predominantly chocolate, but the coffee flavor is still there and just serves to make that dark chocolate taste even yummier!

Enlightened Pumpkinseed - If you like pumpkin seeds, you'll love this bar! The pumpkin seeds and cashews pair really well and the organic coconut syrup lends delicious sweetness that won't send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.

Fruit Nut Karma - This one is great if you're in the mood for a trail mix type of fruit-and-nut bar. Based on dates, almonds, and cashews, it's filling and sweet and satisfying. The mango and pineapple add that tropical something (so you can pretend you're still on vacation!) and the pecan tastes great with the mango.

Goji Mate Firecracker - There's actually yerba mate tea in these. How's that for cool?? Between the energizing tea and the organic dried fruits, cashew butter, and gluten-free oats, these are a great choice for giving you that energy you need when you have a lot on your plate!

Nut Butter Buddha Crunch - This one is great if you're craving nuts. It's like eating mixed nut butters in solid form, covered with chocolate! Nuts and chocolate are a winning combo (as Reese's knows) but when you do it 22 Days style, it can also be a really healthful combo!

Nutrition Facts for Englightened Pumpkinseed (they're all pretty similar)
In terms of nutritional stats, the bars are pretty great. They're all around 220-250 calories, pretty standard for an average sized fruit-and-nut bar (like these), and that comes with about 5g of protein (give or take), 20-25% of your dietary fiber for the day, and 10-15g of sugar. That's not the lowest sugar bar out there, but these are healthy, natural sugars and it's better to have a little more of those than a bunch of sucralose or aspartame.

My verdict? It won't take 22 days - not even 22 seconds - to make 22 Days Nutrition bars a healthy habit you'll want to keep!

What's your favorite bar at the moment?

What's one go-to happiness tip you'd like to share?

Are you back to work/school today? If not, when?


  1. I agree too. Sleep is such an important factor and I think that is so many people don't realize that.

  2. I got my joulebars today!! Thank you thank you for running the giveaway!


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