Jan 13, 2013

A Fashionably Friendly Giveaway!

Who says fashion has to be cruel?

I'm not vegan, but even as a vegetarian I have a lot of issues with non-vegan leather. I'm just not huge on the idea of an animal's hide becoming my boots.

Unless you're Cruella, wearing puppies just isn't a good look. 

And even Cruella only gets away with it because she's so fab.

But you can be totes fab (excuse me while I try to recover the half dozen IQ points I just dropped) in totally animal-friendly clothes! There are more and more vegan fashion lines out there and, in my opinion, if you'd even consider going vegan for either the animals or the environment, a vegetarian diet and a vegan wardrobe do much more than a vegan diet!

After all, eggs aren't already hatched (or even viable) baby chickens and milk doesn't kill the cow. But leather? It's pretty hard to separate a living animal from its skin...

But you really don't need to. Vegan fashion can be tres chic, as I'm about to prove, and super easy to find, too. There are even vegan online stores now, like Compassion Couture!

Because I really want all of y'all to give veganizing your wardrobes a serious thought, Compassionate Couture and I are giving away a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader. You can get started on that super-fab, super-friendly wardrobe!

The giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and ends January 27.

Anyway, to prove that vegan can be fashionable, here are some cute finds from Compassion Couture. Check out their website for more!

OlsenHaus - Egypt
Love is Mighty - Vajra Vegan Shoes - Diamond
Gunas Scarlet Vegan Wallet/Wristlet
I was so tempted to throw in some cute animal photos here, but that would be totally annoying and PETA of me (and I'm not their biggest fan). So I won't. But some other day...

Do you dress vegan?

What's your favorite item from Compassion Couture?

What's your favorite vegan fashion brand?


  1. The headquaters of PETA is actually in my area (oddly enough). I don't like the idea of leather anything either. I actually don't like the look let alone where it came from. Sweet giveaway!

  2. Oh wow that purse is simply gorgeous :D


  3. Oh my goodness! This is an amazing giveaway. I am actually a vegetarian, and I won't use/wear any product that has leather/suede, or anything of the sort.

  4. Check out these websites for some compelling reasons as to why modern day large scale dairy and egg farming promotes systemic cruelty to animals:


  5. I'm a vegetarian and I don't wear fur, leather or suede products. My favorite product from Compassion Culture is the Cri de Coeur - Leah Vegan Wallet - Coral.

  6. Never knew that vegan coudl be fashionable!!

  7. I don't dress vegan, yet. The CoolCorC-Large Clutch is my favorite product. CoolCorC is my favorite brand. garrettsambo@aol.com


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