Jan 17, 2013

FitNutz PB Mix Review!

Like most of us, I've tried peanut flour. I've tried it as a spread, tried it as a dip, tried it as a topping, and tried it as an ingredient (it's usually best as an ingredient, in my opinion).

I've tried PB2 (not impressed), Betty Lou's (yum, but it's not peanut butter), Protein Plus (blech), and Golden Peanut Co. (yum). The various companies pull it off with various degrees of success.

But peanut flour is always just plain peanut flour. Right?


Just like how there are all sorts of delightful flavored peanut butters out there, it turns out that there are flavored peanut flours, too! FitNutz makes two!

And they make chunky peanut flour.

Chunky peanut flour with cinnamon
*Mind blown.*

Their peanut flours are all pretty simple in terms of ingredients, which I appreciate. Even the flavored varieties don't have a grocery list of ingredients.

Just four, three of which you could find in plenty of kitchens. Kudos!

But let's start with a review of the FitNutz Pro, which is regular protein flour but with more essential fatty acids (it's designed for the more active FitNutz fans)!

It's a nice golden brown, which is promising:

The instructions say to mix 2Tbsp. of FitNutz Pro with 2tsp. of water to prepare.

It mixes up easily and tastes great! Unlike the bland Protein Plus peanut flour, this one is definitely flavorful enough to enjoy just like this, as a topping or spread or dip.

It has the touch of sweetness that PB2 has (but Golden Peanut Co. peanut flour doesn't) but it has all the peanutty flavor intensity of Golden Peanut Co. (which PB2 lacks) so it's the perfect combination of both of the other brands' strengths, without their weaknesses!

It's delicious enough to eat on its own, just like we all do with peanut butter ;)

I really can't think of anything that I disliked about this peanut flour!

Have you tried peanut flour?

If you use peanut flour, what do you use it in?

What's your favorite unusual PB combo?


  1. I make this weird sandwich by spreading pb on one bread, mustard on the other and sweet potato in the middle :) Then I press it on the panini press so the pb melts and its soooo goood!

  2. You beat me to it! I am about to put out a fitnutz review! I didn't get any of the fun flavours though, I'm so jealous!

  3. I actually like the Protein Plus brand because it's just peanuts but I always add a little sea salt or stevia so it's more like PB. I like using it mixed with water like a spread, or with coconut milk in a peanutty stir-fry.


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