Jan 18, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds #29

Happy Friday!

My love affair with almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, and soy nut butter was fast and furious - and the love persists. But it took a while for me to fall for cashews!

Still, I have now fallen hard and here are some fabulous cashew recipes to make sure you'll fall for cashews, too :)

As always, V for Vegan, GF for Gluten-Free, and R for Raw.

It looks like Nutella might take a backseat for a while - I need to make a batch of that ASAP!

Caramel Popcorn and Cashew Cookies Bakers Royale 3 Caramel Corn and Cashew Cookies

Gaby's Chili Lime Roasted Cashews (V, GF)

Because cashews can be the focal point sometimes and it's super yummy to just snack on them - especially when you chili lime flavor them, like in Gaby's recipe above!

What's your favorite way to eat nuts?

What's your favorite bread spread?

Is there any food that took you a while to warm to, but then you fell in love with? If so, what?


  1. Oh wow that looks good. My favorite nut spread (LOL) is by far nutella. I used to not be obsessed with peanut butter. Granted I still don't care for all those flavors, I do enjoy normal peanut butter.

    1. How could you NOT be obsessed with peanut butter???? :P

  2. Everything looks so good and not to mention very creative!! I love cashews and looooove cashew butter :)

  3. Cashews have got to be my favourite nut. We always have coconut crusted cashews around Christmas time at my house and they are unreal!


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