Jan 22, 2013

Garden of Life Review

While there are tons of delicious vegetarian protein sources out there (nuts, nut butters, rice and beans, legumes, yogurt and greek yogurt, quinoa, veggie burgers, etc.) it's not a bad idea to round that out with a protein powder now and then - just to make sure your bases are covered.

Or if you have high protein needs (ie: athletes, vegans, pregnant/nursing women, injured people, those who are underweight, those who are recovering, etc.) protein powders can be a tasty and convenient way to satisfy your body's needs!

Because not all of us are good hunters.

funny pictures

I know that's just a funny GIF from the internet but that's real life for my dad, folks. We have actual video footage of him being bucked off an angry ostrich, who proceeded to try to chase him, when we still lived in South Africa.

My uncle (dad's brother in law) likes to show the video every time we're all together. I was so tempted to post it here, but it wouldn't be nice to embarrass my dad like that.

So I settled for the GIF instead.

Anyway, if you're looking for vegetarian protein, there are a ton of different proteins out there - whey proteins, mixed proteins, rice proteins, pea proteins, etc. It seems like there are a gazillion and one varieties of each! But if you're looking for vegan proteins your options decrease incredibly.

A lot of bloggers settle on Sunwarrior or Garden of Life. I hadn't tried the Garden of Life protein powder and I was all out, so I was happy to try it.

They sent some protein bars, too!

But, as tempting as they were (y'all know all about my bar addiction) I tried the protein powder first. There are three flavors of Garden of Life's raw vegan protein (original, vanilla, and chocolate) but, being the chocoholic that I am, I obviously wanted to try the chocolate variety.

Some protein powders are packed with sugar but Garden of Life's variety is sweetened with stevia and pretty much just provides the protein it promises and that's it - and that's a nice 17g of protein! That's approximately a third of your daily requirement, unless you're an athlete, pregnant, nursing, injured, underweight, or recovering (in which cases your needs are higher).

I liked that the ingredients are natural, the tub the powder comes in is recyclable (MAJOR KUDOS), and the powder has a nice chocolate taste without chalkiness. The scoop dissolved well in my glass of soymilk for a nice little something when I got home, before I set about making dinner.

The fucoProtein bars are really tasty, too!

They're also raw and vegan with 14 grams of plant protein. There are 11 grams of sugar from healthy, natural sources like honey and brown rice syrup (no HFCS here). There's another flavor (peanut butter crunch) but I tried the chocolate with macadamia nuts version.

More chocolate? Yes, please!

This bar is slightly chewy and chocolate through and through.

It's not a particular big bar, but it's pretty standard on stats (210 calories, for those who care).

There could have been more macadamia pieces in my opinion, but I liked the rich chocolate flavor and the texture was nice and satisfying, too, like a hybrid of a chocolate bar and toffee (but less sticky).

I really enjoyed their products! And no animals were harmed (and no ostriches irritated) in the provisioning of this protein :P

What's your favorite protein powder?

How often do you eat protein bars? I love protein bars and eat 2-3 per day - they're a go-to snack, especially with a handful of nuts and/or a banana or yogurt on the side.

Do you have any funny family stories?


  1. The only protein powder I've ever tried is vega but I'm thinking when I get through the tub I'm working on now I'll have to venture out and try a new brand!

  2. Being diabetic, I really try and get my protein up anyways. It doesn't mess with my blood sugars as much as carbohydrates. I used to eat a lot more protein bars when I was in school because they weren't noisy like other foods.

  3. Favorite protein powder - Isagenix Isalean shakes. I have one/day. No protein bars though. I always feel like they're a bit high in sugar. I'll have to look for that fucoprotein bar.

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  6. I believe this one to be a great brand with amazing products, yeah their bars are great, and making the protein raw is a plus.


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