Jan 8, 2013

Heart of Shasta Raw Chocolates Review

I love chocolate.

As many of us know, chocolate can definitely be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. It's loaded with antioxidants and can make you happy, decrease your bad cholesterol, etc.

Plus, it tastes yummy!

But there are definitely differences in the quality of chocolates and the quality of the nutrition that different types of chocolate provide. One of the best (nutritionally speaking) forms of chocolate that you can get is dark chocolate, especially when you go for the minimally processed, raw vegan variety.

Heart of Shasta makes handmade organic chocolates in small batches, ensuring optimal taste, texture, and nutrition. And they're all raw and mostly vegan (they include honey).

I tried a few of their truffles, two of their raw dark chocolate bars, and their (amazing) organic raw turtles.

I'll start with the turtles, since they were my clear favorite.

Pretty great ingredients list!
The chocolate is creamy, intensely chocolatey (but still sweet - not bitter!) and enrobes a chewy filling of dates, pine nuts, and big pecans.

OH MY GOSH. Biting into the pecan bits was just pure delight. There are seriously few things that are so intensely delicious.

They're big - almost palm sized and nice and thick.
I had to do a happy dance (don't judge).

The other treats are yummy, too, though!

The chocolate bars are made of the same silky smooth chocolate and have just the right amount of their respective flavorings (and it's the actual thing, ie: real lavender not just lavender essence) to add interest to the bar without overwhelming the rich chocolate flavor.

And the Brazil Nut Inca Berry Happiness bar (aptly named) had big brazil nut pieces in it - happiness, indeed!

I also really enjoyed all four truffles that I tried.

The Cherry Shell
I tried the cherry mango truffle (delicious, but I couldn't really taste the mango - just the cherry), coconut almond (soooo good, especially if you like Girl Scout Caramel Delite Cookies - then try these on a graham cracker and enjoy the bliss!), lavender truffle (smooth, sweet chocolate with a little saltiness and some lavender pieces = so good), and the cherry shell (tasted pretty similar to the cherry mango truffle, but smaller and flat instead of mounded).

They were all delicious!

So I leave you with this - Heart of Shasta's chocolate is amazing.

Do you prefer truffles or chocolate bars?

What's your favorite nut to pair with chocolate?

What's your favorite brand of chocolate?


  1. I love raw chocolate! I just had some while reading blogs. :)

    1. It's so great and I love that it's healthy, too!

  2. I love any choclate, bar or truffles. These look gorgeous.

  3. These look delectable! Yummy!


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