Jan 3, 2013

Living Tree Community Nut Butters

I'm obsessed with nut butters, and with good reason! They're delicious, nutritious, and convenient as a source of healthy, plant protein and fat! They help keep my skin radiant, my hair shiny, my brain healthy, and my body going.

And did I mention they're delicious?

With the recent theme of healthy breakfasts, here's a review of some new (to me) nut butters that will make a fantastic addition to breakfast!

Living Tree Community Foods makes organic, whole foods (like the walnut butter and almond butter in this post) that are as close to their natural form as possible.

They're made with lots of consideration for the health of the consumer and the health of the community and the environment, using sustainable and morally conscious business practices.

The nut butters are made with minimal ingredients, so you're really just getting crushed nuts. The almond butter is just organic almonds:

The walnut butter is just organic walnuts and a touch of Himalayan pink crystal salt:

Considering how delicious this walnut butter is, it's awesome that it's also a great way to get omega-3 fatty acids, as well as protein, phosphorous, and vitamins B and D!

Some people try to avoid fats, but it's the bad ones (trans fats and hydrogenated oils) that should be minimized. Healthy fats like these are essential for proper organ function - including that of your brain and your skin!

I really like that this is real food, that's every bit as healthy as it is delicious. And they're certified organic, so you're not putting any chemicals into your body that you'd rather not have there!

The nut butters separate a bit in travel, but not so much into a messy oil-vs-solids jar as into different types of solids from the walnuts (this is due, I believe, to the nature of the walnut meat).

The almond butter is a very high quality almond butter, with a true almond taste and none of that bitterness that some almond butters can have. It's really delicious and I'd definitely recommend it/buy it again! But the walnut butter?


The flavor is so spot on! I know we all love Artisana, but this walnut butter has theirs beat by A LOT. The flavor is so much more satisfying (so a little goes a long way in terms of flavor, if you're watching your overall intake), probably because it's a pure raw walnut butter and not a walnut butter-cashew butter blend, like Artisana's. And I preferred the thicker texture of this, too!

It's awesome on bread, yogurt-granola messes, muffins, ice cream, or straight out of the jar ;)

What's your favorite type of nut butter?

Do you prefer east coast or west coast culture? I've always been an east coast girl, but California seems to have the best food!

What's your favorite food to pair nut butter with?


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