Jan 21, 2013

Lydia's Organics: A Review

I recently had the great pleasure of reviewing some raw vegan treats from Lydia's Organics - and it really was delicious!

I appreciated that, on the whole, these raw treats weren't too heavy on the onion and the garlic. I get that onion and garlic can add flavor, but they can also be really overwhelming (and bad breath promoting). Some of their stuff was onion-y and garlic-y, but they also gave other herbs and spices a chance at the spotlight.

I liked that their Kale Krunchies are still green (Mega Green!) and not almost white, like a lot of kale chips are. That's not to say that they aren't flavorful and rich and cashew-y, as kale chips tend to be.

There's still plenty of all that cashew goodness (and sunflower and pumpkin seeds, too)!

All of the yummy foods from Lydia's Organics are made with love and all sorts of organic, raw, vegan, whole food ingredients that make you feel nourished even while you're eating them!

My dad loved the Rawkin' Beet Chips, as he's a big fan of veggies and of spiciness, but when they say 'spicy,' they aren't kidding. These beet chips are like breathe-red-hot-fire-SPICY!

I couldn't quite handle the spiciness, but my dad was delighted. That mean they were all his :)

Well, mostly. The spiced beet flavor was really unique (in a good way) so I kept trying to sneak a few chips...before my mouth promptly erupted into flames.

Still, it was worth it.

The crackers are crunchy and good, too, and the onion flavor isn't overwhelming. They're based on almonds (it's the first ingredient) but there's some carrot and nori and dulse in there, too, making the crackers super flavorful!

I like them with chocolate or jam :)

My favorites of all the treats were probably Lydia's Organics cereals.

The nuttiness of the buckwheat really shines, but the dried fruits and seeds contribute a nice sweetness to round out the cereal. It's absolutely amazing on a bowl of Chobani (or soyogurt, if you're vegan). It's delicious and a great whole grain addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time!

Lydia's Organics Apricot Sun Cereal
Oh, and by the way - despite its misnomer of a name, buckwheat is not wheat and is fully gluten-free and safe for people with Celiac's.

At almost a tie with the cereals were the bars. They aren't like you'r usual bars - they're actually really hard and crunchy and dense, almost like thicker versions of the crackers/sunflower seed bread!

They're made of just a few simple, healthful organics (based primarily on bananas and seeds) and they even have a green bar - the spirulina bar! They're also nicely sized (not small at all) and adequately sweet without being candy bar-esque. I like candy bar-esque bars, too, but sometimes you want a bar that tastes healthy (in a good way). The biggest surprise among all these bars was the raspberry bar:

It has that same thick, hard, crunchy texture (I really liked it and it made it so much more satisfying!) but I was expecting some sort of pink or red bar. This wasn't really at all - there's a hint of pinkish color, if you look really hard, but mostly it's whitish brown. Similarly, the main flavors are banana (first ingredient) and coconut (second ingredient) with a just a hint of raspberry. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, but it was delicious!

The sunflower seed bread was also really yummy!

It was super crunchy but not too brittle. I liked the generous flax seeds throughout and it's a rich crunchy square, packed with healthy fats. 

It's nice and thick:

And it tastes amazing with jam and chocolate :)

Have you tried Lydia's Organics?

What's your favorite grain at the moment?

Do you like spicy foods?


  1. That all looks so good! I think raw vegan food is always a hit or miss, but this sounds like a hit! I'll keep an eye out for these :)

  2. I am a huge lover of raw crackers and kale chips. I wonder if I could get these in Canada. It seems like all the good stuff is in the states, whyyy??

  3. Looks sooo good! Wish they had these in Europe.

  4. Wow everything looks great! Especially the seed bread! I recently purchased Lydia's raw seasoning. It is awesome! I highly recommend it.

  5. Watch out for the industrial sweetener agave, Lydia's was using it alot...


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