Jan 12, 2013

Simply Sweet

Stevia-sweetened chocolate bars are rare, but for diabetics (like my uncle) with a taste for chocolate, the alternative isn't very healthy. Most diabetic-friendly chocolate bars are full of unhealthy artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame.

Cavalier Belgian Chocolate has an alternative (or rather, a whole line of alternatives) so I decided to try three of their stevia-sweetened bars and see whether they're up-to-par in terms of flavor and mouth feel. After all, a chocolate bar can be as sucralose- and sugar-free as it likes, but if it doesn't taste good no diabetics are going to want to eat it (much less anyone else)!

I tried the simplest flavors - Dark, Milk, and Hazelnuts Milk. They have all sorts of flavors, however, including Rice Crisps White, Milk Caramel, Mocha Dark, Orange Dark, and Mango Raspberry White.

The ingredients lists aren't particularly short, but not particularly long either - there's also not much weird stuff in there, so that's a definite plus!

These bars aren't as creamy as some of the other chocolate bars that I've had, but the chocolatey flavor is just right (and no weird aftertaste). The milk chocolate bars are also definitely creamier than the dark chocolate bar, so if mouthfeel is a big deal to you, you'll probably want to stick with those.

But my favorite was actually the dark chocolate - and I like that half of the big bar is one serving, because I definitely like enjoying my chocolate and not just a measly little square ;)

This (plus one more row) is a serving. Not bad, no?

It's normal in thickness and is high quality chocolate - there isn't any chalkiness or anything here - even though it's not as creamy as it could be.

That creaminess thing isn't a factor when you plop it on a piece of toast and let it get all melty on the bottom.


That's definitely my new favorite way to eat this chocolate, y'all. And it's a fabulous nighttime snack while working on the blog :)

Have you tried Cavalier Chocolates?

What's the most important quality to you in a chocolate bar?

If you blog, when do you normally do it?


  1. I love chocolate, especially dark! Thanks for sharing, maybe I'll try this ;)

  2. I find that stevia has such an awful aftertaste :( or maybe it's just the cheap stevia hahah
    Those chocolates look good though! And by the sound of it, they dont' seem to have that crazy stevia after-taste

  3. Oh wow I definitely want to try these! I like creamy chocolate if I'm just eating it, but for baking/melting this would be perfect!

  4. Those chocolates look good though! And by the sound of it,i like .

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