Jan 5, 2013

Tips for Making Breakfast a Resolution You Keep!

Eating breakfast regularly is a great resolution and it's one that doesn't need to be tough to keep. It can be fun (and delicious)!

Yeah, that's pretty exciting news.

And there are so many benefits to eating breakfast regularly, regardless of whether you're male or female, young or old (or somewhere in between)! Breakfast eaters concentrate better, have more energy, have less trouble with weight, and experience a host of other efficiency and health benefits.

Here are some ways to make breakfast a resolution you'll gladly stick to!

Sunwheel jam and an English muffin
1) Keep a variety of healthy breakfast foods (ie: granola, cereal, yogurts, frozen multigrain waffles) on hand. If they're there and convenient, you're much more likely to eat them! After all, making a deluxe breakfast from scratch isn't always practical.

2) Try different things until you find what works for you. If you find that you just don't have a big appetite in the morning, drinking a smoothie or a juice and packing a mid-morning snack (like a granola bar or an english muffin) might be your best option. Look for 100% fruit juices to make the most nutritious choice!

3) Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Chances are that those extra fifteen minutes of sleep won't make that much of a difference in your energy levels. But if you use that time to have a nice breakfast, there will be more pep in your step!

4) Eat what you like. Like that tip #1, eating what you like will make you more likely to eat breakfast regularly. And you'll enjoy it! Don't slough through bowls of oatmeal if that's not your thing - maybe yogurt-granola parfaits are, or even frozen toaster waffles. Some breakfast is better for your health than no breakfast and if you go for a whole grain frozen waffle option, like the ones from Van's, and top it with some protein-rich peanut butter, that's actually a very healthy breakfast. Add a sliced banana on top and a glass of milk on the side and you have a nutritional powerhouse of a breakfast!

5) Make it sweet. I don't mean that you ought to pour half a cup of sugar on a bowl of frosted flakes, I just mean that sweet breakfasts tend to be easier to eat in the morning, especially if you're getting up early for school or work, than savory breakfasts. Toast with jam is an easy, yummy option!

And there are so many yummy jams out there, like Sunwheel Pear and Apricot fruit spread!

It's made of a yummy blend of concentrated fruit juices and nothing else. Each 300g tub is made of the juice from 2.1kg of fruit! And if you're a student in a dorm room, this is still a great option - as long as you keep the spread in a cool, dry place, you don't need to refrigerate it (for up to 6 months, once opened). How's that for convenient?

There's foil wrap under the lid, to keep the jam fresh - the 6 month best-by date is from when you remove the foil. With the foil still intact, it lasts longer.

The jam is really fruity, but tastes like molasses too. The apricot as the dominant flavor and the pear complimenting the apricot delightfully. It's simple, sweet (but not too sweet) and has a great consistency. It's neither to thin nor too thick and there's no liquid separation. It's sticky and tastes like a fruity molassses. YUM!

Sunwheel fruit spreads are currently only available in the UK.

What's your favorite flavor of jam?

What's your #1 breakfast tip?

Do you use any of my breakfast tips?


  1. Such good tips! I think the 15 minutes idea is a good one; sometimes I try to trick myself by setting all my clocks 10 minutes fast, so that I'm never late! The fruit spread looks yummy! Looks like you've got some good new years' resolutions ^^

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

  2. I look forward to breakfast everyday! :) My brothers don't always eat breakfast, though. I tell them about these tips!

  3. Even in my bad ED days I don't think I ever skipped breakfast, and I don't think I ever could! I always look forward to it the night before! Is that weird?

  4. How did you get a UK company to send you samples?! I always have trouble with that!!

    1. I think it's only helpful for them if, like Sunwheel, they're expanding to the US soon (otherwise your readers aren't their market). Hope that helps!

  5. Great tips! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!


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