Jan 10, 2013

Wai Lana Fruit & Nut Bars Review

As you know, I love bars - so I was happy to find a new-to-me energy bar to try!

Wai Lana Fruit & Nut Bars are gluten-free bars (some flavors are vegan, some are not) made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients to support a healthy, busy lifestyle.

Pro: there are seven unique flavors (Strawberry Shake, Nana Banana, Cranberry Pomegranate, Sunflower Coconut, Cranberry Almond, Tropical Macadamia, and Autumn Apple) highlighting their healthful, whole food ingredients.

Con: They are guilty of deceptive packaging!

I've ranted about deceptive packaging before, but I still just don't get it - why would you think it's a good idea to split what is clearly one serving in a single serving packet into two servings for your nutrition label? With Wai Lana bars it just really doesn't make any sense, because a full bar (aka, a proper serving) would have around 250 calories, which is pretty standard for a fruit and nut bar.

Besides, these bars aren't particularly large - splitting one in half wouldn't be a satisfying snack for anyone over the age of 3!

There's one of their bars next to a standard full sized pair of scissors, for size comparison. What are they thinking recommending halving that bar? It's not even particularly big!

The audacity.

Pro: They're loaded with healthy ingredients and have a relatively short ingredients list. Even with the proper "2 serving" serving of a whole bar instead of half of one, their stats are great for a snack - the Autumn Apple bar (see below) is 260 calories with healthy fats and fruit sugars (don't get freaked out by the sugar in the bar! It's from the fruits, not added syrups or sugars).

Pro: They're tasty! Like realllllllllllllllllly tasty.

Especially the Tropical Macadamia bar, aka my favorite Wai Lana bar.

They're all true to their advertised flavors and are very soft, chewy, fruity, and sweet, but the Tropical Macadamia is particularly winning. The big chunks of soft macadamia nuts with the tropical flavors of pineapple and mango (dominant in the bar) make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean on Christmas vacation when I ate the bar. I'll buy more bars just to get to take that snack-cation back!

My second favorite is the Cranberry Almond - I love that they added just a touch of carob! Cranberry is definitely the primary flavor, but that little bit of carob adds a little chocolatey decadence. YUM.

They also have two flavors of Little Yogis bars. I got to try the Banana Split bar. These don't practice deceptive advertising (it's one bar = one serving = 152 calories, for those of you who like to be aware). The ingredients list is a little longer on these bars and both aren't vegan (they also have added sweetener in the form of agave syrup - certainly not the worst, but not as great as just dried fruits). I don't know if that's really necessary, as I'm sure little kids would enjoy the original Wai Lana bars.

The Little Yogis bar was actually a little too sweet for my tastes, though I did enjoy the combination of the carob and the banana and the almonds. The cashews took the backseat in this bar, but it was good that way.

My verdict? Wai Lana bars are VERY yummy, but they need to rethink their packaging!

Does deceptive packaging bother you?

Have you tried Wai Lana bars?

What food/flavor takes you on a snack-cation or awakens memories?


  1. Ugh, deceptive packaging like this is annoying. They might as well say there are 260 servings, 1 calorie each!

  2. I am with you on packaging like this. It makes me crazy.

  3. Just saw this on QVC, and searched for ingredients list. Thanks for the review! It was very helpful. :)


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