Feb 5, 2013

A Chocolate Covered Tuesday!

I like sustainable companies, fair trade foods, and organic goodness.

Cover it all in chocolate?

Kopali Organics makes 'Pure Organic Natural Perfection' in 5 flavors of chocolate covered goodness and 5 varieties of pure dried fruits (no sugars, no sulfites, no oil, and absolutely no other additives).

Their products are all organic, vegan, and directly support small farmers.

Their organic tanks (all organic cotton!) are super soft and comfy, even though it wasn't my size. I passed the tank on my big sister and she likes it!

But their food products are even better.

The chocolate covered cacao nibs are just the right bit of sweet to balance out the light bitterness of the cacao nibs.

They come in these two ounce pouches, which are great for sharing or saving for later - ordinarily I wouldn't be the biggest fan of the two serving packet but you're just done after one serving of these. They're that intensely flavorful and there's no temptation to go for the second half of the bag.

There's just a bit of chocolate covering each cacao nib, so that there's optimal cacao nib bioflavonoid and antioxidant content with pretty minimal added sugar.

But it's enough. They're a tasty, healthy after-dinner treat with a mug of peppermint or rooibos tea.

The chocolate covered organic espresso beans, however, are even yummier!

It's two servings per bag again, with another relatively simple and short ingredients list (including single-source chocolate from Peru).

But the espresso flavor is somehow not as overwhelming as it can be in other espresso beans, but still strong enough to really bring out the rich chocolate flavor in a delightfully satisfying chocolate treat.

There's the pop of energy from the chocolate and the pop of energy from the caffeine of the espresso beans, pairing to provide that mid-afternoon pick-me-up that's so necessary by the time that the first month of the semester (or first month back to work after Christmas break) is finished.

The cacao nibs take some getting used to, because of the slight bitterness of the nibs, but the espresso beans are sweet and delicious from the very first bite.

What's your favorite chocolate-covered snack?

What do you eat/drink for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up?

Will you have a Valentine this year? I never have had one in the past, so no shame if you won't!


  1. Haha, ratatouille is one of my favorite movies and the gif really made me laugh :) I've heard of cacao as healthier than chocolate; I prefer chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, or raisins. But now that I think about it, fruit fondue like strawberries and bananas are delicious as well! Everything tastes better covered in chocolate, don't you agree?

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com
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  2. My favorite chocolate covered snack? I love chocolate covered pretzels, nuts, berries, coffee beans.. :)

  3. Hi, I’m the newest follower of your blog from the Tuesday Blog Hop! Would love if you could stop by mine. Thanks! <^..^>

    The Three Whiskateers


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