Feb 1, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds #31

As promised, this week's Friday Foodie Finds is all about peanut butter sandwiches!

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The vegan banana coconut patty is what makes this - and on an English muffin?

I think we all know what tomorrow's breakfast is going to be.

The bacon is actually the chickpeas - but they're prepared in a unique way! Ooh, this is a must-try, also!

I've never thought about adding chickpeas to a peanut butter sandwich, but it sounds like it could be really tasty - not to mention a great way to add even more of a healthy protein punch!

It's yet another unexpected flavor combo, but I imagine that it could be quite good - especially on fresh baguette with a nice, cold glass of milk on the side! I'm definitely of the opinion that chunky peanut butter (aka the best kind) is needed for this recipe.

To make it vegetarian, just use tempeh bacon (or some other vegetarian bacon) instead of pork bacon!

I'll have to try making that one to share with my little sister the next time I'm home - I bet we'd both love it! 

We all get super excited when the baguettes at Harris Teeter's bakery go on sale :)

Anyway, remember my own unique nut butter sandwich idea?

Well, I love dried cranberries! The only thing is that, since cranberries are such sour little fruits, dried cranberries always have some sort of added sweetener. While some organic versions are sweetened with apple juice, many are sweetened with lots of added sugar.

And sometimes it really can be lots of sugar. A little is fine, but at some point that healthy dried fruit snack becomes more of a candy kind of situation...

Funny Face Cranberries are the kid-friendly solution to the cranberry conundrum!

Funny Face Cranberries is a super fun brand from the Decas Company, a family-run company in Carver, MA that's been in business for over 75 years! The CEO, Chuck Dillon, saw so many unhealthy snacks marketed to kids that he decided to make a healthy snack - that's super fun! These are snacks that your kids (or you!) will enjoy as much as their bodies (or yours!) will enjoy the superior nutrition!

In addition to having only 50% as much added sugar your usual dried cranberries, these come in several cool flavors.

Choo Choo Cherry, Freckle Face Strawberry, Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry (teehee), and Goofy Grape are the four flavors out there to tantalize your taste buds!

All with less sugar than the usual.

Compare that to the 23g to 26g of sugar in many popular brands of dried cranberries! And there's added fiber - do you see that whopping 56% of your daily RDI for dietary fiber?

Kids may say they're not that into fiber, but they'll certainly be into these snacks!

The cranberries are fruity and fresh. The added flavors complement the sweet tart dried cranberries without overwhelming that delicious flavor, and they're not at all artificial tasting. Funny Face Cranberries flavor their dried fruits with natural flavors only, so that may be why!

They also come in handy single-serving packs perfect for a kid's lunchbox or a picnic basket (once it gets a bit warmer out).

These super-sweet cranberries are so a new favorite of mine as a topping for yogurt messes, ice cream bowls, and (yes) peanut butter sandwiches!

I may be a 19 (almost 20!) year old Harvard student, but Funny Face Cranberries are so good.

You can check them out online for activities, coloring books, and kid-friendly recipes, on YouTube for cute, short, kid-friendly cartoons, on Twitter for fun facts on cranberries and nutrition, on Pinterest for Funny Face of the 60's and more, or on Facebook for a Funny Face photo contest. You can win an iPad, $100 gift card, and more!

As always, these are 100% my own opinions. I received product to sample, but I have not been monetarily compensated for the review and am not obligated to say anything nice. Their product is just awesome!

What's your favorite dried fruit?

What are your favorite things to add to a peanut butter sandwich?

Are you going to try any of the above combos? Which one?


  1. All those sandwiches sound amazing, especially PB and basil and the elvis with turkey bacon! I hate how some companies feel they need to coat dried fruit in sugar. Really? It's concentrated sugar already!

  2. They all look good, but I think I'm drooling the most over the first and second one

  3. That first sandwich looks insanely good! Chocolate, PB, Banana, and coconut? All on a english muffin? Enough said.Thanks for sharing!:)

  4. For the longest time, I despised cranberries!! But lately I've become the complete opposite and I love them :)

  5. Wow geez. I am interested in the peanut butter and basil combination. I bet it is extremely interesting and paired with the bacon, it might just be a recipe I'll have to cook up. :-)


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