Feb 8, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds #32

It's Valentine's Day next Thursday!

I've never had a Valentine on Valentine's Day, so I've never really celebrated it. My mom sometimes sends me chocolate and my little sister sometimes sends me a card, but the whole romance thing? Not so much.

But I won't be a single grouch! Let the couples enjoy themselves. Here are some great Valentine's Day recipes to share with your special someone next week!

I think the one with the caramel and nuts (roughly in the center) looks yummiest! In general, though, I'm not the biggest chocolate covered strawberries fan.

I don't know why - I love chocolate and I love strawberries, but I just don't love them together.

Kristin's & Sharon's Calzone Hearts

Figs are supposedly an aphrodisiac, so why not try this out on that cute guy from lecture (or work)?

3 chocolate fig tarts Chocolate Fig Tarts | Fresh Figs in Good Company

Even if figs don't really make people more amorous, who can resist such a yummy looking tart?

Did anyone know that carrots are supposedly an aphrodisiac, too? I didn't, but they're definitely delicious!


Raspberry Crepes with Cream Cheese filling & walnuts
Ooh, I think I might just be my own Valentine so that I can make those Pan-Crepes for myself on Thursday morning - they look delicious!

But if you're also still looking for a gift for your Valentine (which, again, can be yourself - no judgment!) you might want to check out Healthy Surprise.

Healthy Surprise is a monthly subscription service that's literally 'the gift that keeps giving.' 

They have a starter box, a healthy box, and a larger box that are all packed with an assortment of delicious, nutritious goodies (the only variable is how much is in each box). 

And for the international readers, they ship worldwide!

Everything in the box is vegan, gluten-free, natural, and soy-free. They choose what they put in each month carefully, so all you have to think about it what you're going to eat first - everything is guaranteed (110%) to be healthy and tasty!

If you're sending a Healthy Surprise Box as a gift basket, it comes with a personalized 5.5" x 8.5" full color glossy print card - that's a real card size, not like the dinky little tags you get with flower baskets.

Chocolate Macaroons!!!!!!!!!!
Frankly, if I had the option of choosing between a bouquet of decaying plant genitalia and a box full of this healthy goodness, Healthy Surprise wins every time.

Bars: the way to my heart. And they even sent two new-to-me bars: that's a rare find these days!
Sorry, but flowers just aren't as romantic as a box full of goodies that I can snack on all month - goodies that will make me feel every bit as good as they taste. I love when delicious food is healthy!

Like the Live Smart Cranberry-Pumpkin Seeds Raw Energy Bar! Full of healthy fats and plant energy, it's a tasty way to fuel up between meals.

And I'm still super impressed that Healthy Surprise managed to introduce me to a new bar that I had never even heard of before! That's really rare, considering that I'm the queen of bars :)

And you really can't beat Healthy Surprise convenience.

A full-sized bag of allergy-friendly trail mix and YUM YUM  YUM gluten-free Skinny Crisps!
Healthy Surprise is also my favorite subscription service thus far, because I find that it has a more unique assortment of healthy goodies than competitors, like Conscious Box.

I, for one, have never even heard of Nori Wrapped Power Wraps before, but they're delicious seed-y, flavorful sticks of energy and a delightful snack!

They're not sweet, as I had expected, but rather savory and rich from the seeds. They also have quite the spicy kick!

I really like how they wrapped it in Nori sheets. It reminds me of a healthy, vegan version of pepperoni sticks - but way yummier!

Kale chips, salty chocolate granola (Oh. My. Gosh.), bars, chocolate, dried fruits, and other healthy, tasty snacks galore - I love Healthy Surprise!

They really think of everything, even a squeeze pack of 100% fruit juice (mango pear pineapple!) to wash down the deliciousness.

What's your most memorable Valentine's Day memory?

Have you ever ordered a food subscription service?

Do you like flowers?


  1. ill have to check out healthy surprise it looks so good :)

  2. It's like Christmas in that box- fun!

  3. what a nice idea!
    we have a food subscription service in the uk called graze where they send you different healthy snack things every week! its pretty cool and the stuff is so nice!

  4. Oh man look at all those goodies!! And this is perfect because I was literally just looking up Valentine's day recipes!


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