Feb 4, 2013

Guest Review: Mom Takes Over!

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat fish. Fish has so many health benefits for omnivores, however, ranging from heart health benefits to muscle and tissue benefits and even brain and nerve benefits!

I have to keep my bases covered by eating plenty of walnuts, almonds, etc.

But if you're an omnivore, fish is a great way to get those super healthy DHAs in! The rest of my family are all omnivores, so my mom's taking over the review today to share one of her favorite convenience foods with you.

VitalChoice sells canned seafood and their canned sockeye salmon is my mom's favorite. It's a lot more convenient and a lot more budget-friendly than fresh salmon, making it possible for her to serve salmon a few times a week (as recommended) instead of just on special occasions.

The salmon is wild and not farm-raised, so the whole family really appreciates that in terms of what it does for the environment. And they think wild fish just tastes better!

My mom's favorite way to serve VitalChoice canned sockeye salmon is as lunch for her and my (adorable) little sister. My little sister likes her (weird) ketchup-mayo concoction with her salmon and bread.

My mom prefers a it more plain, with just a little mayo on toasted wheat.

Both of them really like adding some parsley for a burst of fresh flavor (and it looks so nice with the pretty pink salmon)!

Do you like fish?

How often do you eat canned foods?

If you're veg*n, is your family veg*n too?


  1. Hahah I love how you say ketchup and mayo is weird and then you eat squash and nut butter or beans and chocolate ;) I wonder what your sister would say!

  2. Don't call that red-white mayo-ketchup-combo weird - it's amazing!
    Just like salmon... Yum! :)

    1. Fair enough! But weird can definitely be good :)

  3. What a great idea about canned salmon. I honestly never even thought about it that way. I try and have some sort of fish 3 times a week personally. I don't like mayo but bring on the ketchup and salmon.


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