Feb 9, 2013

I Scream for Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

I'm an ice cream lover, but it feels like its been a while since I reviewed a new ice cream on the blog.

Let's rectify that, shall we?

Though we've seen Blue Bunny around a lot, something about the packaging just never really called out to me as much as the other brands - so I'm pretty sure this is my first time trying their ice cream!

I picked out four varieties at Harris Teeter.

While there are some questionable flavors (like the bright blue birthday cake) there are also a lot of really tempting looking ones! I had trouble settling on just four, but there's only so much ice cream that one girl can buy at once ;)

I decided to go with the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie:

the Mint Chocolate Chip:

the Peanut Butter Panice:

and the Vanilla:

They seem to be a bit more budget-friendly than other brands, at least if you're not taking sales prices into account. They cost the same as other tubs, but instead of the usual 12 servings, they have 14 - an extra 2 scoops without an increase in price.

The ice cream is on the softer side, comparable to Edy's or Breyer's, and doesn't take a long time at room temperature to be scoopable. The convenience of this is definitely a plus for busy college students and busy professionals, who just don't have the time to spend ages prepping a snack each night. I put the cartons on the counter and they were ready to scoop less than five minutes later.

The ice cream seems a bit hit-or-miss. Three of the four flavors were really delicious, but the vanilla just fell short. I expected it to be made of the same base as the other ice creams, but I don't think it was. While all of the other three flavors were creamy, with a great rich texture, the vanilla was not very creamy. It wasn't exactly icy either, but it just wasn't very creamy. The vanilla flavor also wasn't very strong, though I must mention that they also have a 'homemade vanilla' flavor (it may or may not be better, I haven't tried it).

But I really enjoyed the other three flavors a lot and would definitely buy them again! 

My favorite is the Peanut Butter Panic, which is sweet and creamy with the perfect pairing of peanut butter and chocolate in just the right proportions. The ice cream base is also peanut butter flavored and it's rich and indulgent!

The Mint Chocolate Chip is very refreshing and not artificial tasting. The chocolate pieces aren't too hard and they break up the minty, creamy goodness delightfully.

The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie is also really tasty, with soft pieces of melt-in-your mouth cookies with sweet, tasty chunks of white chocolate. I would have liked more mix-ins in the ice cream, but I'm also crazy about textures and love having a TON of mix-ins.

What's your favorite brand of ice cream?

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Do you like more mix-ins/toppings or more ice cream?


  1. I never was a huge ice cream lover. But in summer time I would go for yogurt(it's not frozen yogurt, I don't know how they make this ice cream) or lemon flavoured :)

    1. I love ice cream! I used to not like lemon sorbet, but it's grown on me lately (and I know what you're talking about, the yogurt-flavored gelato is pretty good).

  2. My favorite is Kemps, but it's regional and not where I am currently living, I really like blue bunny.

    I really don't have a favorite flavor, I like different ones for different things. I really wish I could find the one with chunks of cherries more often though.

    I don't add much to my ice cream other than some pie or cake

  3. I love ice cream cream but it is so darn cold up here right now the last thing I want to go is eat it LOL. That's how I feel about a lot of boxed ice creams honestly. I'd prefer to just go to a parlor and get some.

    1. I'm totally snowed in and what did I just eat? Ice cream. It's never to cold for me, not even in the middle of Nemo haha!


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