Feb 23, 2013

Kale Chips for Dummies (and a Review)

I got some greens from Organic Girl the other day!

Organic Girl has a variety of (organic, of course) greens - everything from baby spinach to baby arugula to baby kale as ready-to-eat salad greens and also some QuickCook! greens (baby kale, spinach, and spinach powergreens).

The best thing about all of their organic greens is that their greens are triple washed (that's what the washed^3 means) so they're super convenient - you can just grab some veggies and make a salad without a ton of prep work!

Sometimes I'm really busy and having to wash, chop, and prep salad can be too much of a hassle - then it's easier to skip the veggies.

But veggies are important!

Organic Girl good clean greens take care of that problem, they're just as convenient as microwave mac & cheese!

The greens are all super fresh and vibrantly colored. You just toss some on a plate, add your dressing and anything else you'd like, and you have great salad in just a matter of minutes!

The greens really are super fresh and crisp and flavorful!

They make a great salad - my only thing is that I'd try one of the other varieties next time, as I wasn't a big fan of one of the types of leaves in this mix (I think it was the mache, it was a bit bitter for me).

It still tasted quite nice with mustard and a veggie burger, though - that countered the bitterness of the mache.

Pair that veggie burger salad (15 seconds to put the greens on the plate, 5 seconds to squirt on mustard, 5 seconds for a shake of black pepper, 20 seconds to get roasted red peppers out of the jar, 4 minutes to heat up a frozen veggie burger in some oil in a pan) with the butt of a baguette (15 seconds to get it out of the bag) and you have a healthy meal made, from start to finish, in just 5 minutes!

Who knew salad could be fast food?

But I love, love, love Organic Girl for another product - the quick cook kale.

I've had kale chips (and really enjoy them) but I haven't made them successfully before. The one time that I tried to was an EPIC fail.

I spent half an hour washing and chopping a bunch of kale, then burnt the entire batch.

How is it that nothing cooks until you leave the room? And then it chars?

Le sigh.

Anyway, since this kale was already washed and prepped (and there's a super easy kale recipe on the back) I decided to give kale chips another go.

I mixed the baby kale (no washing needed!) with olive oil, then spread it out on a baking sheet. Then I added some spices as the oven heated to 300F (last time I baked them at 400F, so that may have been why it was such a disaster).

There was nothing too scientific about my spicing process. I just grabbed whatever was at the front of the cupboard. This time it was salt, black pepper, and nutritional yeast.

The kale chips baked for 15 minutes (a lot of volume leaves during this, so you get concentrated veggie goodness).

Oh. My. Gosh.

These are so delicious!

Even with my haphazard spicing, the crispy, crunchy, salty, flavorful kale chips are delightful!

It's hard to believe that they're so healthy - it's a veggie serving and the bit of olive oil not only makes the kale chips all the more delicious but also improves nutrient absorption! And it's vegan, so really anyone can enjoy :)

I'm definitely buying Organic Girl Quick Cook kale again - it's cheaper to buy a big bag of it and make my own kale chips than it is to buy ready-made kale chips, but it's almost as easy. And this way, I get to choose how I spice them!

Have you made kale chips before? If so, how do you season them?

Do you buy pre-washed greens regularly?


  1. I've actually always wanted to try making kale chips myself. This gives some of us (me) hope. I made them once but they were the same way...burnt and crusty. Not anything I wanted to eat.

  2. I make kale chips all the time! Favorite ways include with coconut oil and salt, with olive oil and bbq seasoning from penzeys, and olive oil/basalmic vinegar with salt.

  3. I love kale chips, they make such a great snack!


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