Feb 3, 2013

Lusting After Spring 2013 Collections Part III

Today's feature is Louis Vuitton's Spring 2013 Collection. It's all about blocks and geometric shapes!

While some of the looks are definitely less ready-to-wear than Donna Karan's -

Louis Vuitton
- others are definitely wearable!

Louis Vuitton
Is anyone else thinking 'Parent Trap' with those outfits?

Louis Vuitton
And 'Madeleine' with these? I like the look on the right better, but with the green shoes and white bow from the look on the left. 

There are a lot of big shoulders and bare midriffs in this collection, but my favorite look by far is this fabulous gray coat.

Louis Vuitton
The one on the right (the dress on the left is cute, too, but that coat is just too great). 


Good job, Louis! Kisses <3

Do you like prints?

How do you feel about the return of padded shoulders?


  1. Padded shoulders are alright but the question is will they catch on :P

  2. I want most of these looks. I could see myself wearing a lot of these dresses with leggings. I am loving the grey coat as well.


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