Feb 17, 2013

Lusting After Spring 2013 Collections Part V

As (probably) the final installment in my Spring 2013 Collections review series, I'm focusing on Balenciaga!

Probably best known for their shoes, Balenciaga has a lot more to offer this spring season. They're all about curved lines and fun, oversized frills!

Though they have some pantsuits in their collection (all a little boxy for my tastes, definitely leaning towards menswear) the dresses and skirts are where this collection shines.

Like Donna Karan, Balenciaga is loving the cutouts!

I'm just hoping that's faux leather.

And hems definitely aren't staying horizontal this season.

Love it!

But in case you really can't stand skirts, they do have a few cute pants looks.

I love how these pants, unlike some of their others, have a nice material with a little give. Pairing them with a loose, flowy blouse makes for a pants looks that's still feminine and pretty!

Especially when paired with a cute pair of heels.

But I saved the best for last. When peplum and frills meet, perfection results!

I'll never think of Balenciaga as just a handbag line again!

Which designer's collection is your favorite this spring?

How do you like the frils?

Which Balenciaga dress is your favorite?


  1. Ohhhhh.... I like the Balenciaga. Very nice!!

  2. I was totally on the fence until I saw those shoes. I NEED THOSE THORN SHOES.
    I'm in love with the McQueen fall 2013 collection, and of course, Rodarte (my favorite!)


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