Feb 28, 2013

RawONE Food Review

RawONE Food is a raw vegan food company specializing in nutrient dense snacks made of 100% organic, 100% raw ingredients. 

They make crackers, grawnolas, and biscotti in a variety of flavors that all stand up to the same high, whole food standards for nutritional excellence.

They take superfoods (like flaxseed) and combine them with healthful spices (like nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper) to make snacks that the health conscious consumer can enjoy with good conscience.

The Omega 3-pakced Flax crackers are crispy, crunchy, and delicious. I was worried that they might be really crumbly, but the crackers actually held up really well in large sheets.

They're very seedy crackers, since flax is the base, but you can definitely still taste distinctions between each of the four flavors.

The Rawritos and Garlic with a Little Kick crackers are spicy while the Golden Nori and  Rosemary-Sundried Tomato crackers are milder, with just a hint of veggie flavor.

I think the crackers taste great as is, crumbled over veggies or salads, as a crunchy pasta topping, or spread with some nut butter and topped with bananas or jam. Since they hold up well in sheets, they can be enjoyed in a similar way as raw bread.

I liked the Grawnolas even better (go figure, I'm 100% a sweet tooth kind of girl) and really enjoyed both flavors, approximately equally. These grawnolas are also quite flax-heavy, but they also have plenty of dried fruits, other seeds, and buckwheat.

Serving sizes are fairly small (about 1/3 cup) but the grawnola is satiating, with plenty of plant protein and heart-healthy fats from the seeds, as well as fiber from the buckwheat, so it's great paired with a banana and some coconut yogurt.

A few pieces of biscotti make for a great accompaniment to an afternoon tea that's good for body and spirit.

Their biscotti comes in two flavors. The goji-cherry-pistachio is nice and nutty (trail mix fans will love it) and the cacao-incan berry-hazelnut is nice and chocolaty, with big chunks of hazelnut (as you can see in the picture).

Not only are these cookies delicious, but the texture is also spot-on. They don't fall apart or crumble all over the place and their cut in good-sized slices, thicker than I had expected. That's a plus in my book!

RawONE Food's snacks are very diabetic-friendly and just great, in general, for anyone watching their carbs (ie: paleo, etc.)

The snacks are all low glycemic load, which means that they won't affect your blood sugar levels much. Even for those of us who don't watch our blood sugar levels or carb intake, this low glycemic load is a good thing. It means that the snack won't send us on an energy high that will leave us tired and grouchy shortly after.

No crash and burn is definitely a good thing! Especially when it comes in such a delicious form, with all these delightful healthful ingredients (organic almonds, cherries, pistachio, dates, etc. - YUM).

Have you tried raw cereal?

Which RawOne snack looks best to you?

Are you aware of glycemic loads in foods?


  1. RawONE is so amazing! Both the food and the company! I loved those cookie/biscotti things, they were my favorite!

  2. I have seen these before but never bought them. Not sure why either... They really look good.

    Great idea to crumble them over salads. YUM!!

  3. mm yum, I want to try the grawnola!


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