Feb 24, 2013

Snarky Stylist: Worst of Spring 2013 Collections

Last week's fashion spotlight was the last of the spring collection reviews, but today let's take a look at some of the worst looks that (otherwise fantastic) designers sent out onto the runway.

WARNING: The Snarky Stylist is in!

Anna Sui
While I wasn't the biggest fan of Anna Sui's Spring 2013 collection in general, this was one of the worst looks - did she fish it out of a dumpster? Seriously, this outfit is straight out of a drag queen's rubbish bin. The carpet-like dress in that awful cheap print, the haphazardly ripped mesh...there's no redeeming this outfit.

The only almost cute thing is the shoes.

The collection, in general, was a bit of a let-down with all of its junky looks, but a few of them did succeed (or almost succeed) in pulling off a fun eclectic look. Just that dreadful outfit?

Not so much.

Anna Sui isn't alone in missing the mark this spring.


Seriously, no words.

N*21, what on earth...?

The shoes are adorable and the dress isn't too bad (but it's not too great either). That hat, however?

Be prepared to walk into evvveeerrrrrything. 

And to have everyone think you're having a really bad hair day and a serious case of thedyeturnedoutbrighterthantheboxpictureeeeeee syndrome.

I sort of feel bad for the designer of this next look - I know procrastination as well as anyone else and sometimes you just don't have time to finish that project.

Giambattista Vali
But seriously? Forgetting something?

Yeah, I don't see that in my future anytime soon...

Felder Felder
That purple diaper isn't flattering anything and adding an awkward belt and a tank top that I'm pretty sure I saw on clearance at Walmart isn't helping...

Speaking of designers borrowing pieces from where they really ought not to, Balmain needs to leave good enough alone.

Leave the shoulder pads to the football players, please.

I have to reign the snark in a bit (it's a Sunday, after all) but I just have to share this last look with you.

Because laughing is healthy!

Someone forgot to change out of those PJs she borrowed from granny! And the house slippers?

Sorry, even that great red pedicure can't rescue this look, Celine.

Which look is the worst?

Do you disagree with me about any of the looks? Different opinions are always welcome in fashion!

Who's your least favorite designer?


  1. Haha. Some of these looks are definitely not the best sent down the runway this season
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  2. omg these are hilarious

  3. Wow, those were awesome! What a great way to begin my morning. Seriously, thanks for posting.
    I can't believe the shirtless one! Let's hope that style doesn't catch on any time soon. And the last one. It looks like the designer raided the local church's choir robes closet.


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