Feb 16, 2013

Sundae Time!


Okay, so it's actually only Saturday.

But shhhh, we'll pretend.

Remember this?

It's the scrumptious Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bar, a.k.a. one of my freezer section loves. Because I enjoyed it so much (and they did such an excellent job with this creamy sweet treat) I couldn't wait to try the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Ice Cream Sundaes.

There are 10 varieties of Smart Ones Smart Delights Sundaes and, since I don't do Weight Watchers (or diet at all), I was much more interested in the ooey gooey sauces drizzled over the creamy, toppings-sprinkled ice cream than I was in the fact that the ice cream is low-fat or that each sundae is light enough to fit into most diets as a daily treat.

No, I was far more interested in the fact that these sundaes tastes sinfully, creamily, deliciously decadent and come in such delightful varieties as Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Key Lime Pie, Toffee Bar, Turtle, and (my first choice to try) Peanut Butter Cup.

There are four cups in each pack and they come in these individual single-serve packets. While that's not terribly environmentally-conscious, it is quite convenient and great for anyone with portion-control issues. The plastic seal is on nice and tight, so there weren't any ice crystals forming underneath (I hate ice crystals on my ice cream, it breaks up the delicious creaminess).

There's also, as you can see, plenty of chocolate sauce and mini peanut butter cups. The sauce isn't liquid, since it's frozen on with the rest of it, but it isn't hard either. Instead, it's sticky and chewy, like a really soft caramel - it's great against the super-creamy ice cream.

The mini peanut butter cups taste just like Reese's and aren't hard, either, even straight out of the freezer. The flavors of everything are great - it's sweet, creamy, indulgent, chocolatey, and delicious. And the ice cream sits atop of a chocolate cookie crust!

This is really delicious and I'd definitely buy it again. My only issue is that the serving is pretty small but the sundae is so delicious that you want more! But they have to get those nutritional stats to satisfy the calorie-conscious masses somehow, no?

It's always the right time for a yummy sundae :)

What's your favorite type of ice cream sundae? I think it's hot fudge brownie or turtle for me...

Do you prefer ice cream sundaes, ice cream novelties, or scooped ice cream?

What's your favorite brand of ice cream at the moment?


  1. I LOVE those desserts!

  2. That actually looks really yummy :) And my fav type of ice cream is scooped because every time I have it it's with my dad, boyfriend or friends so I'm more in love with the memories that it brings up :)


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