Feb 13, 2013

WIAW #77

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow!

It's WIAW today!

Peas and Crayons

My eats are decidedly not pink, but they were yummy all the same. Today's post is all about trying new things!

I tried some new cheeses from Organic Valley.

Most of my food isn't organic (I'm a college student and it's just not in my budget to eat all organic, unfortunately) but I think organic dairy is important. I don't want all of those icky growth hormones (tied to breast cancer and other health issues) in my food!

These cheeses were super tasty and even the mozzarella was nice and flavorful, not gummy and bland like mozzarella can sometimes be.

The Muenster was my favorite, though, it's super delicious! I enjoyed them both on a lightly toasted Van's multigrain with flax english muffin, while going over my chemistry notes.

The english muffin was definitely more enjoyable than the chemistry studying.

Organice Valley Feta Cheese also tastes great in a veggie stir-fry.

I'm usually not a huge red peppers fan, but it tastes great here with the zucchini and feta cheese.

I finally tried the Larabar Uber bar - the Apple Turnover flavor.

It's quite different from the other Larabars in that the nuts and dried fruits aren't all ground up, but rather stuck together by brown rice syrup and honey.

It was very cinnamon-y and I really enjoyed the walnuts with the dried apple and raisins! I thought it was delicious and liked it as much as the Larabars (though not quite as much as Jocolat - it's hard to compete with chocolate).

I'm still loving Alter Eco chocolate.

I'm especially enjoying the Dark Almond one right now - it's not so dark that milk chocolate fans won't enjoy it, but it is nice and chocolatey.

And there are plenty of almonds (score).

I also came up with a quick and easy drink for spring.

Healthy Orange Creamsicle (serves 1)

* 1 c. Siggi's Filmjolk
* 1/3 c. orange juic

1) Mix.
2) Enjoy!

Easy, no?

Another super healthy treat is these yummy cacao nibs from Sunfood.

They're really flavorful and come in a resealable, stay-fresh pouch.

There's one of those handy windows in the back, so you know when you're due to buy some more.

And they're absolutely delicious on a bowl of yogurt and cereal!

I love trying new things and I love new combinations!

But old combinations hold a special place in my heart, too :)

Sweet beans with frozen fruit and energy bars (this is a Coconut Cashew Crisp Zing Bar) are so delicious!

As is greek yogurt.

Always yummy :)

Remember how I reviewed EnergyBits a few months ago? While they didn't do much for me (though I did, admittedly, only take a very small amount) they're giving one of you the chance to try them out in honor of February as American Heart Month!

One US reader will win a EnergyBits gift back with a mini-tin (75 tabs) of EnergyBits to try! Enter through Rafflecopter, below, by February 28.

They're also offering 25% off all orders for all of February! Just enter the discount code VALENTINE into the coupon box at check out.

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Do you have a Valentine?

What's your favorite Valentine's Day activity or treat?

Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow?


  1. Yum. All of your meals look delish! The drink you put together sounds AWESOME!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday <3

  2. For the first time in my whole life I have a Valentine *_*
    My boyfriend and I are going to spend the evening together - I also have a present for him but I think amazon is not fast enough this time :(
    Damn the chocolate looks good *_*

  3. You made me want to get some meunster cheese next week! I've never had some but heard it was good :)

  4. omg now I just want cheese and chocolate! haha

  5. Oh gosh, I just love cheese. You bring up a good point, though: I always want to buy organic, and although it's not in my budget either, dairy is something I should always go organic with.

  6. I do have a valentine and we just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. Tomorrow, however, I have a million "mom" errands to take care of, so it's heart shaped pizza for the family and a night in the car picking up kids. :)

  7. That sweet beans combo sounds super interesting. You make the best combos ever! :)

    Ugh. And more cocoa nibs. They sound awesome but it seems like every single blogger eats them now.... And I want to join in! :D

  8. I've been craving cheese lately and am not usually a big fan.

    I've had the coconut Alter Eco and want to try the quinoa. Good to hear a review on the almond one!

  9. I'm so annoyed that the stores around me don't carry the Jocalat Larabars--I really want to try the mint chocolate flavor! I know they also just came out with a new line called Alt, that's got some added protein so I can't wait for those. Larabars in general are just delicious though, especially the ones with chocolate chips!

  10. Yum! Thanks for the great giveaway

  11. Beautiful pictures. Cheese looks delicious!

  12. We did not do anything for Valentines day, but we did get each other something small. Thank you



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