Mar 8, 2013

An Icelandic Treat

I love Greek Yogurt, but thick, protein-rich yogurt isn't just a recent trend. It's blown up over the past few years in the US, but people in Iceland have been enjoying a similar creamy treat for years!
Skyr is a super-healthy form of dairy that pairs an enticing creamy, thick texture and smooth, rich flavor with exceptional levels of calcium and protein. It's also naturally low in fat and a staple of the Icelandic diet - part of why Icelanders are among Europe's longest living people! is an authentic Icelandic company that has expanded to providing Skyr to US consumers, as well!

There are three varieties of low-fat Skyr available.

There's Blueberry (I didn't try this one, but I imagine it must be as good as the others), Strawberry, Vanilla, and (my favorite!) Plain.

I was delighted to find that Skyr is like the lovechild of Greek yogurt and quark - it's technically a soft cheese, but with the nutritional stats of a thick yogurt.

It's really delicious to enjoy as a yogurt (either by itself or, as I prefer, topped with dried fruits and nuts and cereal). It's thick, creamy, and just lightly tart. If you go for one of the flavored varieties, they aren't too sweet (but are sweet enough).

It's also a great ingredient for healthy and cooking - the website even has several healthy recipes to get you started! You can make Tzatziki ala Skyr, Chocolate "Skyramisu," fun smoothies, and even "Skyr-a-mole," a high protein, low fat twist on guacamole.

Have you tried Skyr?

What's your favorite world cuisine?

Have you tried any Icelandic foods?


  1. I really want to try this. I'm in love with greek yogurt and this sounds outstanding.

  2. thanks for share.


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