Mar 3, 2013

Foods Alive Review

Foods Alive is a Canadian-based raw vegan food company. When you think small family business, this is really it. The family raw chefs hand-make all of their products in a second kitchen in their home in North Okanagan.

With the same care that they use to hand-make their products for optimum tastiness, they select ingredients for optimum healthfulness.

Instead of sweetening their goods with sugar, agave, or maple syrup, they sweeten exclusively with apples and dates for added nutrition.

To enable optimal processing of the plant-based protein, they soak the seeds and buckwheat overnight before preparing their Krumbleez and crackers.

All of their goods include freshly ground flax, providing essential fatty acids and B vitamins.

Lastly, as a small business they do their best to contribute to their local community by buying locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

They only have four products at the moment, but it's all about quality of offerings rather than quantity of offerings.

The Carrot Crisps are made with a good dose of carrots and zucchini, to help you get your daily veggie servings in.

The Flax Crisps are simple and perfect for pairing with anything from cashew cheese to a fresh and fruity jam or fruit spread.

The Cran-Apple Krumbleez are sweet with just the perfect touch of tartness from the cranberries. They're sweet and nutty and delicious, very much a delightful gluten-free granola (buckwheat is gluten-free)!

The Choc Ginger Krumbleez are even better, but I have to admit that I didn't think they were particularly chocolaty. Ginger was definitely the predominant flavor, along with almonds (the first ingredient).

I also really noticed the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in this. But the dark chocolate just didn't really stand out to me. They use high quality belcolade chocolate and adding more would add about 50 cents to the cost of each bag - that in mind, having this touch of chocolate is still great. I'd rather have a more affordable product that doesn't compromise on ingredient quality than either (a) a prohibitively expensive snack or (b) a cheap snack with crappy ingredients. While I like chocolate a lot and would be happy to have more chocolate flavor, these are delicious as is. They're perfect on coconut yogurt or Amande for a vegan treat!

Or if you're not vegan (like me) using them as a Chobani topping is delightful.

Do you prefer granola or crackers?

What's your favorite way to eat buckwheat? Buckwheat is one of my new favorite grains! I love it as cereal (like in this granola) but it's great in baked goods, too.

What's your favorite Canadian thing?


  1. These look so healthy, just the snack you need when you're craving for something to eat instead of junk food ;)

  2. I don't think I've ever tried buckwheat actually!


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