Mar 1, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds #35: Greek Yogurt Edition!

It's finally March!!

March is awesome. All of the coolest kids are born in March.


Anyway, it's Friday! Yaaaaay!

Today's Friday Foodie Finds features greek yogurt, since it's one of my favorite foods. Since greek yogurt is today's star, however, none of these recipes are vegan.

No worries, I'll have some vegan recipes again next week!

Nigel's Yogurt Brulee


Lemonbalm Blackberry Donuts

whole wheat biscuits

Those look like they would be absolutely amazing fresh from the oven with peanut butter and strawberry jam, don't they?

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bread Recipe
Frankly, all of these recipes look really delicious.

But my favorite way to eat greek yogurt is still in a parfait with granola, dried fruits, seeds, and nut butter.

I don't think that will ever change.

Do you prefer greek or regular yogurt?

How often do you eat some sort of yogurt? For me, it's multiple times per day every day!

What is your birthday month?


  1. We love greek yogurt every day, I bake with it all the time, I just made these and these with greek yogurt YUM!

  2. I like cooking with greek yogurt a lot because it makes everything so much more moist. I haven't made greek yogurt pancakes in a while but now I might have too soon. ;)

  3. Oh wow - someone else who is just as obsessed with greek yoghurt as I am; I also eat it multiple times a day haha; in oat parfaits, on a night time in casein pudding..mixed with fruit! The possibilities are endless ahah!

  4. Oooh...those biscuits!!! Yum! <3


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