Mar 22, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds #38: German foods!

Last week's Friday Foodie Finds featured recipes for Maple Syrup Saturday. The week before featured greek yogurt-based recipes. Today, let's take a look at some German recipes from around the blogosphere.

I love Germany :)

And German food is just absolutely delicious.

Quick German Recipe's Bratkartoffeln

Fried Potatoes

Pretzel Buns

We mustn't forget the Christmas treats, either, though they're a bit out of season at the moment!

Roxana's Stollen

stollen recipe roxanashomebaking 4

Sneh's Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen and milk
Do you know what other German foods I really miss when I'm stateside?

Other than German bread and broetchen (and chocolate!) I really miss German dairy! I don't know what it is (maybe something in the pasteurization process?) but German yogurt, milk, buttermilk, quark, and ice cream somehow just taste so much yummier!

Though we do have the Germans beat as far as fro-yo goes and toppings for ice cream. And energy bars.

What's your favorite world cuisine?

What food do you miss most from abroad?

What's your favorite dessert?


  1. I was in Germany two summers ago and ya their dairy is fantastic!!! I loved eating quark while I was there, something I've yet to find in Canada

  2. Wow that all does look really good. I personally like Greek food as well as Mexican. I haven't tried a lot of German food so I think I might have to explore that cuisine.

  3. My favourite would be Japanese- I love sashimi sushi and miso so much! But hmmm now I'm thinking it's because it's so hot at the moment- late heat- wave in Australia- because I usually would say Italian, very traditional home-made hopefully by my nonna Italian :) xo


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