Mar 29, 2013

Fruity Friday

I'm forgoing the Friday Foodie Finds this week in favor of a fruity Friday instead!

Today's review is of Fruit Bliss all natural, non-GMO, preservative-free fruit snacks.

I tried their Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, and Dried French d'Agen Plums (aka: fancy prunes).

They come in big packs for snacking at home, as well as smaller, individual-sized packs that are perfect for workday brown bags or school day lunchboxes.

Instead of adding sugars, Fruit Bliss uses high quality fruits, partially rehydrated with a bit of water to achieve optimal juiciness, and lets their natural sugars shine. That makes it an "A+" snack for kids and adults alike!

They fruits really are sweet and juicy, as promised, and there are no hard or dry pieces at all in any of the packs - even the prunes!

Don't you just hate when you get hard prune? That used to be one of my snack time pet peeves as a kid.

Yes, I may have been the only seven-year-old snacking on prunes.

Seven going on seventy, I know - but I still love prunes! And my little sister (who just turned eight earlier this month) loves them, too. Give them a shot! In addition to keeping you regular with all their natural fruit fiber, prunes are just super delicious (especially paired with some nuts and dark chocolate - dooo itttt).

But my favorite of the three was probably the soft dried apricots.

I don't know what it is, but somehow I never really got into apricots - until recently! I discovered a love for dried apricots towards the end of last summer. If you haven't given them a try, I highly recommend trying some ASAP. You might be surprised!

They're very underrated, they're delicious! 

I was a bit surprised by the Fruit Bliss ones, though. Dried apricots are usually orange (generally pale orange), but these?


It turns out that dried apricots are naturally brown if they're prepared without preservatives. I'd rather eat mine brown, like these Fruit Bliss ones, and keep the unnecessary preservatives out of my body. Why would something as delicious as dried fruit need extra additives? 

Especially because the brown color did nothing to change the sweet apricot flavor of these yummy dried fruits! These were actually even a bit yummier than most apricots, because they were nice and juicy and not at all tough. The texture is a delight!

What's your favorite dried fruit?

Have you tried Fruit Bliss?

What's one NEW (to you) snack that you've been enjoying lately?


  1. You always review the coolest products :) I love learning about all these random brands, thanks!

  2. I love dried fruit! My favorite would have to be a tie between figs, dates and pineapple and I prefer mine without anything added. Fruit is already sweet enough, why add sugar and all those other preservatives? Dried fruit tastes better anyway without additives!


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