Mar 16, 2013

Getting to Know Me!

There's the About Me section on my blog if you want to learn more about me, but sometimes silly surveys are fun, too. So here's one just for the heck of it!

1) Grab the book nearest to you. What is the first sentence of the third paragraph of the 6th page? "Ended up where I always end up." Hm. Not so interesting.

2) What is the poster nearest to you of? Nothing. I don't have any posters up in my room, though I probably ought to. My walls are so bare, there's just one small photo collage up!

3) What was the first CD you bought? No idea. Probably S-Club 7 or A-Teens or something?

4) What was the first song you heard by your favorite band? Maybe I don't make enough note of important life events. Or maybe I have a different definition of what an important life event is - but I don't even remember when I first meet people! I'm sooo going to be the one who forgets when the anniversary when/if I'm married some day.

5) What was the first album you bought by your favorite band? What's with all these music questions? I don't know!

6) What is your guilty pleasure (movie, book, or song)? Definitely chick lit and chick flicks! Legally Blonde is a great go-to chick flick guilty pleasure but (hate to admit it as I may) the Real Housewives reality shows can be sort of entertaining...

7) What would you do if you were a ghost? Sneak into somewhere cool or watch my parents hide Christmas/Birthday gifts. I still can't find their elusive hiding spots!

8) What is a super power you wish you had? I'd love to be able to know what other people are thinking!

9) What is something from your daily routine? Breakfast! Blogging! Reading! Studying (meh).

10) Favorite: Things to put in a sandwich? I'm all about the sweet fillings - peanut butter and honey or almond butter and chocolate or sunflower seed butter and jam!

11) Favorite: Object in your room? My laptop! I would have no idea what to do without my laptop. It crashed for a few days last summer in NYC and I went berserk.

12) Favorite: Shoe you own? A new pair of Christian Louboutin Intern Flats. Definitely the ultimate wardrobe splurge (I so can't afford designer stuff!) but so special and worth saving up a few years for.

What can I say? I'm a girl, I LOVE shoes.

13) Favorite: Memory. I don't have a single favorite memory, but most of my favorite memories are from trips or acting jobs. I love traveling and I love acting!

Answer a question from above! If you have a blog and take the survey, too, please leave the link here - it would be fun to learn about you, too!

Do you ever save up a few years to make a single purchase?

Do you like surveys?


  1. mmm I'm all about the sweet toppings on toast too

  2. My first CD was Mariah but I distinctly remember buying the Nelly Country Grammar album. Haha.


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