Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter!


Wow, is this a great weekend. It was my 20th birthday yesterday, it's Easter today. How fun, how could this weekend be better?

Well, Harvard could give us Easter Monday off from classes.

I'm C'MON, guys!

Anyway, here's a cute Easter Sunday outfit I've put together.

Easter Sunday

Nina ricci dress
$1,210 -

Alexander McQueen high heel

Stud earrings
$63 -

Of course it's pastel pink. Why pass up an opportunity to wear pink?

I wish we had tomorrow off, so that I could visit my family and have spent my birthday with them (and watch my little sister go Easter egg hunting today)!

Oh well.

Do you have Easter Monday off?

What are you doing today?

What's your Easter Sunday outfit?

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