Mar 24, 2013

Real And Wonderful Snacks!

I got to try R.A.W. snacks recently and really enjoyed these Real And Wonderful foods!

There are two types of macaroons, two types of crackers, two types of nutty bars, and one type of granola. They're all raw (the bars are almost 100% raw, but the maple syrup isn't) and 100% vegan, made with mostly organic ingredients!

I started with the crackers.

There's Red Pepper Herb and Tomato Basil.

The ingredients base is pretty similar and they're both really healthy.

Much healthier than the usual crackers!

With a nice blend of whole grains, healthy fats, and even some veggies, they're a great snack to give you sustained energy!

AAAAAND, they're delicious.

My favorite are the red pepper herb - they're just so flavorful!

While they're sturdy (not crumbly) crackers and are perfect for scooping dips, these are so flavorful that you'll want to eat them alone half of the time. Their flavors are delightful enough all on their own!

Next up are the macaroons.

There are chocolate coconut macaroons and plain coconut macaroons.

They're very similar, there's just the addition of organic cacao powder in the chocolate ones.

I like them both a lot, and they both have a nice strong coconut flavor, but the chocolate coconut ones are my favorite. The chocolate nicely complements the hearty cookies really well! And though they're small, they're really satisfying.

Healthy fats for the win!

And you know me - I love bars. R.A.W. bars definitely don't disappoint!

There's Dark Chocolate Cherry and Superfood.

They both incorporate such healthful, energizing ingredients as almonds, cashews, maca, and pure maple syrup.

The Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut Bar has an unexpected addition - cayenne pepper! It's really subtle, but maybe it's that magic extra something that makes these bars SOOOOO good.

Whatever it is, the chocolate ones are my favorite!

That drizzle of dark chocolate over the sweet nuts is just so divinely good!


Last up is the granola.

Unlike a lot of raw granolas, this is actual granola - based primarily on oats.

It's not just a mix of nuts and seeds with honey, as they often can be. If you want some nostalgia granola with yummy, whole grain carbs to keep you going, this is a great choice! I really enjoyed the addition of the pecans and the cinnamon. Yum, yum, yum!

All in all, you really can't go wrong with any of the R.A.W. foods. I love when wholesome ingredients are brought together into marriages of delightful flavor!

Have you tried any R.A.W. snacks?

Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?

What's your favorite kind of granola?

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