Mar 2, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In!

I've always loved advice columns and thought it would be so fun to be a Miss Maple-type writer. Since spend too much time daydreaming about fashion anyway, I've decided to make my daydreaming a little more productive and a lot more fun.

The Snarky Stylist is open for fashion consulting!

If you'd like to see a few looks that would look great on you and you're fine with your photo being on Living, Learning, Eating, just email a full-body shot (wearing something basic, like jeans and a tee shirt) to livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com and I'll put together a few looks that you'll look smashing in! If you have an event in mind, or a certain style, that you'd like some outfit options for, let me know that, too.

I hope to hear from many of you and we can make this a fun series!

I've put together a cute look that I'd like to have in my dream closet to get us started.


Studded blazer
$41 -

Valentino summer skirt
$1,205 -

Gold drop earrings
$135 -

Miss Selfridge flower ring

Fashion is so fun!

As you can tell, I have a taste for pink. Apparently that extends to food:

I reviewed Detour Lower Sugar Peanut Butter Cream Bars a few months ago, but recently Detour has added a new flavor to its Lower Sugar bar collection!

Detour Lower Sugar Neapolitan Bars have the same sort of great stats that we love about the other Detour Lower Sugar Bars. Considering that some protein bars can have up to 20g or so of sugar (and a Snickers Bar has 30g of sugar in a regular and 54g in a king-size) 3g of sugar is pretty much nothing.

That's less than in a cup of unsweetened plain yogurt!

There is quite a laundry list of ingredients, as well as 13g of sugar alcohols for those of you with sensitivities, but no corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

And the low sugar bar certainly doesn't lack flavor or sweetness!

It's plenty sweet, with creamy rich milk chocolate drizzled in white chocolate and wrapped around a layer of chewy, sweet strawberry and a layer of chewy, sweet vanilla (think nougat consistency) separated by more milk chocolate.

It seriously tastes like a chocolate bar, but saves you 27g of sugar over a similar-sized regular candy bar.

If you're craving Neapolitan ice cream, sticking this in the freezer for 30 minutes is a real treat. Or if you're feeling a little snacky, chill some vanilla or chocolate greek yogurt (I used Chobani) and chop the bar over it. It tastes so good and indulgent, bur really isn't!

Do you like Neapolitan flavor?

Have you tried the new Detour Lower Sugar Neapolitan  Bars?

What's your personal style?


  1. Those are great stats for a bar. And it's pretty so you can never really go wrong with a hot pink protein bar.

    I honestly think you would be hysterical doing a fashion advice column. That is wicked cool about sending you photos to create outfits for. I hope they agree to let you post so we can see what you come up with!


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