Mar 23, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In!

Hi everyone!

I had so much fun putting together a few looks for the lovely Ashley.

As you can see, she's gorgeous already (and definitely isn't a fashion disaster - in fact, I encourage you all to check out her great style over on her Chictopia page!) but sometimes you just want to mix things up. So I put together three looks that would look great on Ashley!

The first thing to do when you're trying to figure out what would look good on you (aside from trying tons of things on, of course) is looking at what's really awesome about you. Draw up a list!

Here's what I noticed right off the bat about Ashley:

2) Nice hourglass figure.
3) Great arms
4) Pretty, light eyes

The looks that will look best on you are the looks that play up those strengths! That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to show off everything in every look (everything shouldn't be bare legs and bare arms, in this case) but that you should be aware of those strengths and look for things that complement them.

The first look I've put together for Ashley is great for anything from a casual garden party to a weekend visit to the farmer's market!

Look 1:
Look 1

Kenzo cut out dress

Strappy shoes
$18 -

FOSSIL leather crossbody handbag
$305 -

Wallis brown sunglasses

The forest green of the dress brings out her eyes and the structured cut works well with an hourglass figure. The buckle at the waist emphasizes her lovely form and the high neckline keeps the fitted dress from being too revealing, especially because her arms will be completely bare.

This length of dress is modest enough to maintain some womanly mystery, while still letting her show off her calves - emphasized by the strappy flat sandals (the ankle strap draws the eye down).

Since the dress has such an intense pattern, it's important to keep the other accessories pretty simple. Natural makeup, like a golden brown eyeshadow, dark brown mascara, and a shimmery pale pink lipgloss, will work best with this sort of earthy look. And Kate Beckinsale's hairstyle works well here!

It's important not to pull the ponytail too tight - teasing the hair at the crown up a bit first, then securing it with bobby pins (instead of actually pulling this bit into the ponytail) is ideal.

This next look is great for a lunch date.


glam by livelearneat featuring a style tryst

Miss Selfridge black shorts

Sergio Rossi platform pumps

Style tryst

It's put together, but not too stiff - the combination of the nude pumps and shorts lets her show off some leg and the high waist of the shorts prevents it from looking like she's baring all. Just by having that higher waist, there's more material and the overall look is more professional.

I would tuck the blouse in loosely and keep this look relatively simple (adding a bracelet is okay, but not much more than that). In fashion, I really believe that less can sometimes be more. This is especially true if you're trying to put together a look that's more professional and polished. Endless bling is not your friend.


Alice Olivia printed skirt

LOFT ballet flat

Flower jewelry

Alexander mcqueen

AERIN lipstick

Nail care

This last look is a fun, casual look that's perfect for a Sunday when you don't want to just laze around in sweats, but you do want to be comfortable. The yellow skirt is a fun pop of color and I would, again, tuck the blouse in loosely.

Do you want to be styled over next? Just email a photograph and any style preferences to livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com and I'll get started!

Which is your favorite look for Ashley?

Have you ever given yourself a style-over or makeover? 

How often does your fashion taste change?


  1. MMM. Yes-I'm sending you an email quite soon. I love your sense of fashion and I think through IG you know mine pretty well. ;)

    I like what you did here and Ashley has gorgeous eyes and a killa frame.

    I am loving this series already!

    1. Yay! I can't wait to style you over, though I love your current style :)


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